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We asked for your questions on all things Formula E and were delighted with the response. Now we’ve put your questions to our Formula E experts:

How do you think Sam Bird would have done in the last two races, had he not been flagged off in Berlin?

Jordan Groves (Overtake Motorsports manager): I don’t think his final two races would’ve changed, or at least they shouldn’t change if his previous race went better. If a racing driver allows a previous race’s result to affect his next races then he needs to re-think. I don’t think Sam is the sort of driver who would be like that.

Amy Marie Hawk (Formula E correspondent): About the same really. Your past performance shouldn’t determine your future performances

Mathew Hull (DTM correspondent): I don’t think it had any psychological difference on him so I reckon he’d do the same.

Bethonie Waring (Assistant manager): Well, it would have meant he was mathematically in with a chance at the championship, so maybe he would have a bit more… I don’t know. A bit more of a push to do better? You can’t be sure though, and I don’t think Sam would give anything less than his all anyway. But can you imagine if, after London R1, he’d still been in with a mathematical chance at the title and then Lucas and Seb has their… incident? Sam would have more than likely won the championship, and that would have been an even more epic story. I don’t know if he would have done better, though, but he would have had more to fight for, so maybe.

Which teams do you think will make the most improvement between season 2 and 3 and why?

JG: I believe that Andretti will be among the best improvers in the next season. They did brilliantly last year considering they were running with a season 1 spec car, so hopefully they can make a few more steps forward during pre-season testing. Their driver line-up of Frijns and Da Costa will be awesome to watch too.

AMH: Mahindra and possibly NEXTEV

MH: Andretti look extremely promising for season three. They’ve managed to net a fantastic driver line-up too.

BW: They probably won’t be the ones at the very front, but I think we’ll see a huge improvement from Techeetah (ok, compared to Team Aguri). I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Dragon Racing performing a lot better this season.

Which drivers do you think will be competing for the championship next season?

JG: It’s hard to look past Buemi and Di Grassi, but if DS Virgin Racing can give Bird and Lopez a consistently competitive car then I can see the pair of them challenging also.

AMH: Di Grassi and Prost

MH: Buemi’s and Di Grassi are going to be at it again. Renault seem too big to fail and the same goes for the Abt team. Other than those two, Jose Maria Lopez is a very skilled driver and I reckon he could definitely do well if he gets a good car as he’s been with Citroen for a while and that relationship with the tech company could bring about great things for the Argentine.

BW: Ma for champion!

Seriously though, I think we’ll definitely see Buemi and Di Grassi up at the top again. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Prost there again, because he had a lot of bad luck last season but we saw him pick up at the end of that. Fingers crossed for him he can continue that. I also think we’ll see the Virgin pair fighting for the wins more often, if the car lives up to it.

Who deserved to win the championship and who was the best driver?

JG: Throughout the season the ‘deserving champion’ title switched in my eyes between Di Grassi and Buemi. Di Grassi looked to be able to keep his cool when things got tough, with Buemi coming unstuck in tricky situations like in Mexico. But after the final round, Buemi unquestionably deserved it after being able to deal with Di Grassi’s mistake at turn 1 as well as traffic on his fastest lap attempts.

AMH: Di Grassi

MH: Robin Frijns was the best driver. He produced outstanding results with dated tech and perhaps the stand-outmoment of his season was when he produced a podium in Malaysia despite having a broken rear suspension for the last few laps.

BW: Who deserved to win the championship? Well, I think in the end either Lucas or Seb would have been deserving winners. Lucas was by far the most consistent driver of the championship and if it weren’t for the Mexico race he would have won it. But Seb was also a fantastic driver. It wouldn’t be fair to say it was all on e.dams because, as Seb rather passionately pointed out, the gap to him and Prost most of the time was a lot bigger than the gap to Lucas and Daniel Abt (although I did just say that Nico had a lot of bad luck, so read that as you will). When it came to London, I didn’t really mind who won the championship, and not just because I was much more preoccupied by Bruno Senna getting his first podium.

Best driver has to go to Robin Frijns. Mathew outlined why. He was just fantastic and very consistent. The only time he finished outside the points before London was when Sebastien decided he wanted a piggy-back in America. Hopefully he continues the good results in season three.

What current permanent circuits (not including Mexico and Monaco I guess) would be a good Formula E track?

JG: Excluding more famous street circuits such as Macau, Adelaide, Singapore and Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, I’d like to see tracks like Zandvoort, Yas Marina (Shorter Layout) and Sonoma added to the calendar. It’d be important to add the right circuits that fit the style of racing in the championship, so no long straights and lots of heavy braking zones would be essential to see overtaking take place.

AMH: Spa and Monza

MH: Zandvoort and Zolder would be great.

BW: I’m really against Formula E going to permanent tracks. The idea is to bring racing to the people and have you ever tried to get to a race track by public transport?

If I were forced to pick, I’d go with Zandvoort and Spa. And let’s throw in Knockhill, because that’s a nice short track and great fun to watch at.

Formula 1 being famous for being a research facility for Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, and more, do you think it’s important to Formula E to maintain a similar tradition? If so, is there anything you think that can be done to attract manufacturers to it which the FIA is not currently doing?

JG: I believe that Formula E should just focus on developing electrical power-units and not look into expanding into other developments like Formula One has. The appeal of Formula E is that it is giving manufacturers a chance to develop Electric power-trains at a time where they need to be exploring those opportunities for future use in the car industry. Formula One doesn’t give that kind of opportunity (at least not for a reasonable price), which is why companies like BMW and Jaguar are more interested in Formula E.

AMH: Agreeing with Jordan. Formula E should continue focusing on the development of electrical power units instead of other developments. The power unit is what needs to keep moving. Other things they can wait and look at once they’ve improved the main situation.

MH: I believe that the series should prevent itself from becoming wholly a ploy for the FIA to attract other manufacturers. We should just focus on the racing.

BW: Well, Formula E already has in place this whole five season action plan with when different developments are going to be introduced, and that all sounds good to me. I think the main focus should be on the battery and power train, all the stuff that makes Formula E unique. But I think the step by step plan FE has is good. They’re thinking about development long term and I don’t think they need to do anything they’re not already doing.

Thank you for all your questions. We’re looking forward to doing more features like this in the future. In the meantime, if you ever have any questions about any motorsport, ask us at @OvertakeMotors on twitter and we’ll do our best to get you an answer ASAP.

And now to testing!

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