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Whorton-Eales takes double win ahead of Brands Hatch decider

Ant Whorton-Eales double win at Silverstone puts him that much closer to taking the championship over rival Mike Bushell. Brands will see the Renault UK Clio Cup title shoot out between the two drivers next month in the final round of the championship.

Race One

Whorton-Eales didn’t win on track during the first race at Silverstone, only able to follow Bushell across the line, but track limits were a problem for the Team Pyro driver and saw him demoted to second.

It was hardly an undeserved win for the JamSport driver. Whorton-Eales had lead the race from start to very almost finish. Bushell, starting from second, tried to challenge Whorton-Eales at the start of the race, but there was no way Bushell could keep his championship rival behind him.

Still Bushell stuck close to Whorton-Eales all race and, at the very end of the race, he was able to move into the lead of the race, taking victory. Only, it was decided after the race, the Team Pyro driver had enfringed on the track limits, and he was handed a penalty that put him back in second.

The other action on track came mostly from Josh Price. Price started third, but was passed by Whorton-Eales off of the line. The graduate driver found himself having to defend against newcomer Colburn before he was able to challenge pole sitter Max Coates for the final step on the podium.

Price managed to get past and even set about challenging his stable mate Bushell for P2 when he came under pressure from Colburn, Coates, and Paul Rivett.

A mistake from Whorton-Eales almost cost Bushell second. The JamSport driver slid and Bushell came off of the throttle in reaction, allowing Price to get through whilst Whorton-Eales managed to recover to keep the lead. It didn’t take long for Bushell to bounce back and snatch the second place back from Price, but it was a thrilling piece of racing from the young driver, who continued to challenge the leaders until the very last lap.

Race Two

Race two was more of the same, though this time with added caution from Bushell. It was the championship leader starting on pole, Whorton-Eales alongside him, but the order was reversed before they reached the first corner.

From there, Whorton-Eales lead without much trouble from Bushell. Though the Team Pyro man was able to keep on Whorton-Eales’ tail for the rest of the race, there was no opening and Bushell didn’t want to risk another post race penalty, meaning he was forced to follow his championship rival across the line.

Joining them on the podium would be Graduate cup winner Max Coates. Price was on course to take the position in the early stages of the race but, once again, the stewards had other ideas. Price was given a drive through penalty for a jump start, promoting what had been the battle for fourth between Coates and Rivett into the battle for third. Coates was able to keep Rivett behind him, taking third. Though he won’t be able to challenge for the overall title next month, he has secured the Graduates cup.

On points, Bushell still leads the championship as it heads to the final round of the season, albeit by a smaller margin than he had hoped, but the Clio Cup’s drop score system means that, if the championship were to end today, Whorton-Eales would take the cup with eight more points than Bushell. Luckily for the Team Pyro driver, there’s still two more races to make amends.


Race One

1 – Ant Whorton-Eales – JamSport Racing
2 – Mike Bushell – Team Pyro
3 – Josh Price – Team Pyro
4 – Paul Rivett – WDE Motorsport
5 – Max Coates – Ciceley Motorsport
6 – James Colburn – PP Motorsports
7 – David Dickenson – Team Pyro
8 – Luke Kidsley – JamSport Racing
9 – Paul Streather – Finesse Motorsport
10 – Charles Ladell – WDE Motorsport
11 – Chris Smiley – JamSport Racing
12 – Jake Giddings – Finesse Motorsport
13 – Senna Proctor – Team BMR with Pyro
14 – Rory Collingbourne – Team Cooksport
15 – Ben Davis – Team Pyro
16 – Ollie Pidgley – Ciceley Motorsport
17 – George Jackson – Team Cooksport
18 – Lee Pattison – Team Cooksport
19 – Graham Field – JamSport Racing
20 – Dan Zelos – Ciceley Motorsport – DNF
21 – Shayne Deegan – Team Cooksport – DNF

Race One

1 – Ant Whorton-Eales – JamSport Racing
2 – Mike Bushell – Team Pyro
3 – Max Coates – Ciceley Motorsport
4 – Paul Rivett – WDE Motorsport
5 – Senna Proctor – Team BMR with Pyro
6 – Lee Pattison – Team Cooksport
7 – Luke Kidsley – JamSport Racing
8 – James Colburn – PP Motorsports
9 – Paul Streather – Finesse Motorsport
10 – Ollie Pidgley – Ciceley Motorsport
11 – David Dickenson – Team Pyro
12 – Rory Collingbourne – Team Cooksport
13 – Shayne Deegan – Team Cooksport
14 – Chris Smiley – JamSport Racing
15 – Dan Zelos – Ciceley Motorsport
16 – Jake Giddings – Finesse Motorsport
17 – Josh Price – Team Pyro
18 – George Jackson – Team Cooksport
19 – Graham Field – JamSport Racing
20 – Ben Davis – Team Pyro – DNF
21 – Charles Ladell – WDE Motorsport – DNF

Image Credit: Renault UK Clio Cup Press Office

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