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New location needed for Brussels ePrix

Formula E will have to find another new venue after local government voted against hosting the Brussels ePrix at the planned Koekelberg location.

Brussels are keen to have the race – set to take place on the 1st of July – in “principle”, but don’t want to cause any public transport disruption by closing off the roads for the race.

If organisers do find a new track for the inaugural Brussels ePrix, it would be the third planned location for the event, with a track in the Heysel area of the city already dropped due to clashing events.

Organisers may decide to put off the event until next season if a suitable track cannot be found.

This isn’t the first time this season the location of an ePrix has caused headaches for organisers. The Berlin ePrix is facing the move back to Tempelhof Airport, where the season one event took place, after a local political party objected to a return to the season two location. This comes after FE failed to find an alternative location for the London ePrix in time for season three.

Though politics will always be a problem for a series that uses only street circuits, organisers are keen to keep FE on the streets, as it reflects one of the core parts of the championship’s green message.

Feature image credit: FIA Formula E Media

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