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Why this season’s testing is so important

Testing is always important in the Clio Cup, especially with the large number of new drivers entering the series, but this season’s pre-season testing could be more important than ever with the move to Michelin tyres.

The new tyres are very different to the Dunlops the teams ran last year, and drivers are still learning about the rubber they’ll be racing with this season.

“They’re hugely different in every way,” Max Coates told Overtake Motorsport. “Without giving too much away, they’re faster over a lap and they last longer, but they come with their own little intricacies.

“We’re learning. We found out something else today in the last session. It’s all experience and something we can take into Brands Hatch in two weeks’ time.”

The new tyres could be an advantage for some of the rookie drivers, as the Clio Cup series drivers have already run on the compound. More experienced drivers may have a tougher time.

“I’ve been out myself doing a good amount of winter testing over the off season, and I never test so we’re really on top of where we are to start this season,” Paul Rivett said.

One thing that is for sure, is that the tyres will only add to the excitement.

“It has been quite difficult and a lot different to last year’s tyre,” Mike Bushell explained. “There’s going to be a few offs on the first lap, I think, because when they’re cold, they’re evil.”

Feature image credit: Renault UK Clio Cup Press Office

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1 Comment

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