Motorbase preparing third car for Knockhill

Motorbase Performance is aiming to rebuild its third Ford Focus to the British Touring Car Championship meet at Knockhill after fielding two cars at Snetterton last weekend.

Luke Davenport’s car was severely damaged in the multi-car collision at Croft, meaning a completely new shell will be required.

Team boss David Bartrum believes the team can have the third Focus ready before the trip to Scotland next week, but it will be tight. He doesn’t expect the new car to be ready to travel until Thursday at the latest.

“There is a lot of work to be done,” he told Touring Car Times.

“We’ve been able to do some of the prep work already whilst the shell is being worked on, so things like the RML subframes have been built already, with the engine fitted in.

“We need to get the shell back from Willie [Poole, NGTC car builder] so that we can do the medications that we need to do on things like the wheel arches, and then the shell will have to be painted – which is a big job in itself.

“Once that is completed, we’ll have to get the car ready for all the wiring to go in and then we can get to a position where we actually start the build.”

Motorbase is aiming to work on the car from Monday to Wednesday this week, before taking the car to Knockhill on Thursday. Martin Depper and Mat Jackson’s cars will already be at the circuit.

“Whilst everything is being set up at the circuit, the new car and the guys who have been working on it can then travel up on Thursday,” Bartrum said.

“When the car arrives, we’ll take it out of the trailer and put it straight into the awning.

“We’ve then got Friday to finish it off and we’ll have any of the parts we need onsite on the back of the truck.”

Motorbase are yet to confirm who will be driving the car. Davenport is still out of action, though did attend the Snetterton meeting.

Feature image credit: Caroline Rhea

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1 Comment

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