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Round-Up Two Grand Pier F1 Sim Challenge.

Welcome to our second Grand Pier F1 Sim Challenge round-up where the competition truly hotting up in the race for that Supercar experience, with the first round-up times  being thrashed. The competition is still, however, very much open with the prize, and pride, still very much up for grabs!

Contenders from around the country are going head to head in an F1 simulator at the Grand Pier for the chance to win a Supercar experience, as well as a sense of pride and an air of prestige. Last week saw impressively quick times being laid down at a very early stage. However, this leaderboard has proved even more impressive, with the fastest time being smashed by a whole second. This has left our previously quickest time being pushed down to 4th place.

David Little is sitting pretty at the top of our leaderboard, with an incredibly strong time of 1.10:100. He is holding this spot by just his fingertips as only 3-tenths of a second behind him is 2nd placed contender, Tristan Blackwell. The only other driver who managed to set a time under 1.11 was James Scott-Murphy who set a 1.10:630 to put him into 3rd place.

Last weeks fastest time, of 1.11.010 set by Matthew Taylor, has been bumped down to 4th with new drivers taking their turns in the sim. Supersups1 had set the last second fastest time, but has now been relegated to 5th place, still ahead of Marshmall’s time. Last leaderboards top three have now been demoted to 4th, 5th and 6th, just showing the strength of the field.

Previous contender Ian Parr and new-boy James Roberts have taken the following two places, sitting in 7th and 8th respectively. Ian Parr was beaten to 6th place by only 9-thousands of a second, with a time of 1.13:848.

Greener took 9th place, setting a time of 1.14:336. He sits just 3-tenths ahead Jack Clegg, who set a time of 1.14:620 to take 10th place. This means that the top ten are separated by 4.5 seconds but the top 5 are separated by a minuscule margin of 1.2 seconds.

It seems there is no room for error in these simulation laps. The tiniest mistake can cause you to loose places quickly! But do you think you have what it takes? Head to the Grand Pier and try your luck!

F1 Simulator Challenge 2017 Leaderboard (as of 31.8.17)
David Little: 1.10:100
Tristan Blackwell: 1.10:430
James Scott-Murphy: 1.10:630
Matthew Taylor: 1.11.010
Supersups1: 1.11:312
Marshmall: 1.13:730
Ian Parr: 1.13:848
James Roberts: 1.13:925
Greener: 1.14:336
Jack Clegg: 1.14:620
Ian Parkes: 1.14:691
Dan H: 1.15:030
Ethan Pitt: 1.15:854
Nathan Alamo: 1.16:010
Stuart Pearce: 1.16:797
Impossible-les: 1.16:840
Dan the Man: 1.17:968
Connor Duffield: 1.18:060
Tommobeast2: 1.18:295
Ben: 1.19:030

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