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Lewis Hamilton in Brazil – My 2017 motorsport moment of the year

Lewis Hamilton’s drive from 20th to 4th in Brazil is my motorsport moment of the year.

There were so many captivating and amazing moments this season, from Ferraris upset in Singapore to Lance Strolls surprise podium in Baku. This season was full of surprises, to narrow it down to one event was hard. However, my 2017 Motorsport Moment of the year is Lewis Hamilton’s 2017 Brazilian Grand Prix.

To start from the pit lane and finish within touching distance of a podium takes extreme skill and Hamilton showed it in abundance in Brazil. All personal biases aside for Hamilton this really was an astonishing drive. Towards the last few laps, he even found himself battling Kimi Raikkonen for third. At one point Hamilton was actually leading the race.

On this day Hamilton really showed his skill level. To overtake that many cars on such an intricate track that is the Autódromo José Carlos Pace. It took Hamilton 10 laps to climb to 9th position, a breathtaking 11 positions gained in 10 laps. Although he was already crowned world champion he was still putting up the fight you’d expect from a driver whos championship hangs in the balance. This really silenced the critics and had everyone reminiscing about his McLaren days. The skills that he displayed on that day is exactly why he is at the zenith of Formula One.

Hamilton spent 10 laps closing down Raikkonen and in an interview explained the reason why he couldn’t overtake, “I was trying to get back to third but I just ran out of tyres at the end.” “I gave it everything and I had nothing left in my heart or in the car.”

You could see the passion and determination from Hamilton the moment the race started and you didn’t see it end until he crossed the line and that, for me, is why it’s my Motorsport Moment of the year.

Feature Image Credit – Mercedes AMG F1 Twitter Page

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