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Zak Brown rules out 2018 Indianapolis 500 run for Mclaren

Mclaren Technology Group executive director Zak Brown rules out Indy 500 run in 2018.


Zak Brown the executive director of Mclaren Technology Group has confirmed that the team will not attempt the Indianapolis 500 in 2018. This comes after months of speculation of whether or not Mclaren would come back to the states in 2018.


Mclaren along with Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso announced that they would take part in the 101st Indianapolis on April 12, 2017, with a partnership with Andretti Autosport. After running up front and leading throughout the race Alonso would retire with an engine failure late.

When asked about returning to Indy in 2018 Brown confirmed: “It’s off the table.”


Zak Brown would also confirm that after Alonso ruled out running the race in 2018 conversations with drivers occurred though nothing would come of it.


“It didn’t tick all of the boxes and it will be hard to repeat the awareness we created with Fernando. But McLaren, we’re proud, and when we do things we have to do things the McLaren way.


Brown would also rule out just being a one-off team for the race unless it was done right saying “We could have gone to Indy next year as just another Indy 500 entry but that’s not McLaren. If we can’t do it right and be a big part of the show, then we don’t want to do it.”


“Also, priorities. How much time am I or we prepared to spend on going to Indy? Because I’d rather the next time we go – whether that be Indy 500 only or IndyCar – it is not a one-off. So if we take the decision it’s Indy only, I would like it to be Indy only for the next 10 years. Buy a car, partner with a team, but we’re committing to it long term. This year was a one-off, crazy idea that turned into a great opportunity.”


Image Credit – IndyCar – Chris Owens

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