What is the Crest Autosport Sim-Rally?

Earlier this year, Overtake Motorsport announced that it had become the official media partner of Crest Autosport. So what exactly is the Sim-Rally?

If you are familiar with the concept of Sim-Racing (Which is also covered on our website) Then it is very similar other than the fact that the simulations are of a rally nature rather than a circuit racing one.

The series is hosted on the popular simulation title DiRT Rally. Which is renowned for being one of the most realistic representations of the WRC and other rallying series such as Group B and Pike Peak available.

The Season begins later today and the calendar for this season is a campaign that spans across 25 weeks, Mimicking the structure of the real life WRC.

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The series holds an impressive Sim-Racing rally as the series with the most independent signups currently available, Showcasing its popularity. The field is separated into different categories, making sure that no matter what experience people have they can have a fun and competitive campaign. The categories consist of Super, Pro and Amateur. Super holding world record time setters from the ingame time trials, Showing how talented they are.

The teams competing this season are as follows;

Crest Autosport – Who’s driver Alex Everitt piloted himself to victory in the Super category last season.

FritoSport – The team that won the constructors championship overall last season

#NoControl – A new team formed by a group of experienced pilots from the series and other areas of the Sim-Racing world

Sim-U-Nation – An East African effort from the fastest men on DiRT from that country.

Rally Updates – A Team formed by the fastest growing social media organisation regarding rallying, They also won the Pro category last season and plan to defend their crown.

TAMZ-Detailing LTD – A team that came so close to victory last season look to secure it this time around with an all new driver lineup combined with a new choice of car

So those are the teams, What’s next?

Well anywhere between 40-60 competitors tough it out on the stages between 11 and 3pm with drivers having to make sure they register a time before the 3pm deadline, They are no driver assists permitted and they are also no flashbacks or restarts meaning every percent of available concentration the drivers possess will need to be used.

They are prizes for every champion and alot of incentive to be the best you can be, And to add a little more Overtake Motorsport is happy to announce that we shall be giving the victory of this seasons championship an exclusive interview so we can all see inside the mind of a champion.

Round one of the Crest Autosport Sim-Rally championship begins later today at Monte-Carlo, Stay tuned to Overtake Motorsport for full rally review.

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