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New race format for 2018 BRDC British F3 season

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With the opening rounds of the BRDC British F3 season only weeks away, the biggest news of the off-season is a change in race format for the second race of each weekend.

As with previous seasons, the top-eight finishers from race one would line up for race two in reverse order, with the order of race three being decided from the fastest laps of races one and two.

With the agreements of the teams, promoters MSV have decided that for 2018 race two will see a complete gird reversal rather than the aforementioned top-eight.

To be included in the race two reversal, a driver’s lap time in race one must be within 103% of the overall fastest lap in order to satisfy organisers that the driver has the competency to start from the front.

At the back end, behind the race one winner, any non-finishers will start followed by drivers below the 103% will line up.

Still with me?

Points earned will be based on position and places gained from a driver’s grid position. So if you win race two and started in P8, you score 20 for the win, eight for places gained giving you a grand total of 28 points.

Clear as mud?

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MSV Chief Executive Johnathan Palmer was pleased with the new format, commenting; “MSV has a history of being innovative to maximise the appeal of motorsport, and with the full reverse grid system, coupled with a carefully derived points system, the BRDC British F3 Championship will produce some captivating racing for drivers, teams and fans to enjoy whilst adding to the learning value for drivers by giving them far more opportunities to overtake and reward them when they do.”

Race three remains based on the fastest lap of a driver in either race one or two.

The new format has been created to spice up the on-track action, providing a better spectacle for fans and a better challenge for drivers.  It’s a format which has been banded around in Formula 1 circles for many years and although I’m sure it’s unlikely to be adopted anytime soon, I’m sure those in the F1 circle will be keeping a close eye on it…

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