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Patrick Holzmann dominates a crazy F1 eSports PC Final

Photo Credit: Joe Brady Photography

Patrick Holzmann dominated the F1 eSports final on the PC platform but the racing behind him was incredibly close.

Similar to Salih Saltunç’s effort at the Xbox Final, Holzmann spectacular effort awarded him the victory by 4.1 seconds, However, behind him the racing was incredibly close with the gap between second, third and fourth being less than a second across the line with Joni Törmälä, Dani Bereznay and Enzo Bonito battling it out for the remaining two steps on the podium.

With only the top three drivers being able to qualify for the pro draft, Enzo Bonito pushed incredibly hard trying desperately to not lose his chance by forcing a move on Bereznay in the penultimate corner of the race, but to no avail. Bereznay maintained his composure and thus, his position.

Graham Carroll and Bono Huis were also notable drives as the two Sim-Racing professionals made up 3 positions in the 14 lap event to finish P5 and P6.

Our next report will be on the PS4 final which will round off the opening trio of rounds in the F1 eSports series of 2018, Stay tuned to find out who the next three Pro draft qualifiers will be.

The qualifying event for the next trio of rounds is live at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix circuit of Baku – You can register to participate here

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