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Bolukbasi beats Job to victory in F1 eSports PS4 final

Photo Credit: Logitech

Logitech FAG2 Racing driver Bolukbasi secured victory and a spot in the Pro-Draft after fending off Sebastian Job

After the hectic PC Final, It was time for the PS4 Drivers to fight for their chance. The top trio of drivers – Bolukbasi, Job, and Carretón dominated the front of the pack with all the drivers maintaining their starting positions and would later go on to secure the podium and earn themselves a spot in the Pro Draft and the opportunity to represent a Formula One World Championship team.

Bolukbasi looked comfortable for most of the race but came under attack at the end of lap six when he pitted for new tires, Forcing him to battle wheel-to-wheel with Sebastian Job, Bolukbasi sensibly held his line and ended Job’s attack for first as Job later slipped into the hands of Carretón but held on to finish second.

The battle for fourth went down to the wire, Opmeer, Machacon, and Aressi would battle it out for the runner-up spot in the early stages of the race, but towards the end, it would be Pérez and Machacon who would fight for P4 on the final lap. Machacon ran wide on the entry to Turn 12 giving Pérez the opportunity to run side-by-side into Turn 14 before making contact and earning Machacon a five second time penalty, dropping him to fifth place.

The first event final is now complete and we look ahead to the streets of Baku for Event Two where qualifying for the finals is now taking place, If you haven’t already you can sign up here.

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