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Concern as F1 eSports Xbox final #2 forced to postpone

Photo Credit: F1 eSports

The F1 eSports second Xbox final was forced to postpone last night due to technical issues

F1 claims that the race was postponed due to technical issues beyond their control, however, speculation and unnamed sources on social media are pointing the finger at a DDOS Attack. 

What is a DDOS Attack? DDOS or Direct denial of service is an attack where the servers of the victim are overwhelmed by a mass of traffic from multiple locations and have been used in the past to take down major websites including those of established businesses, banks, and online servers.

These attacks are highly illegal and people committing the crime can expect a prison sentence of two years. And one-third of all online services downtime is the result of a DDOS attack.

There is no solid evidence on a DDOS attack being the culprit, but it is highly likely due to the nature and time of the downtime.

Salih Saltunç was the victor of the first Xbox final but the newest finalists will have to wait for their chance as the Xbox Second final has been rescheduled to the 10th of May at 8 pm BST Time, They are no changes to the PC and PS4 second finals and the PC Race gets underway tonight at 8 PM BST.

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