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Dominik Hofmann wins F1 eSports PS4 thriller

Photo Credit: F1 eSports

Baku provides another crazy race, this time in favor of the F1 eSports PS4 Second final

Enzo Bonito led the charge in the PC second final, but now it was time for the PS4 Challengers to do battle.

The battles were a-plenty in Baku as Hofmann, Šmídl, and Laurito all secured a spot in the Pro Draft.

The race began and battles immediately followed as Šmídl took the lead from Hofmann into Turn one, meanwhile, Scibilia moved up to sixth after starting last.

The action was rapid fire as Opmee and Hanses battled for several corners side by side for eighth place, whilst at the front of the pack Šmídl, Hofmann, and Gianfranco Giglioli began building a gap until all three simultaneously pitted at the end of lap 5, Laurito took the lead yet he still needed to pit.

Laurito strung some impressive laps together and pitted on lap 8 he rejoined the track battling wheel-to-wheel with Giglioli for third place, He used his younger super soft tires helped him secure third place into turn 1.

Hofmann and Šmídl continued to battle and the front of the pack whilst Šmídl managed to get close to Hofmann, he was unable to make the move successfully and settled for second place.

You can catch up on the race here

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