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Veloce eSport’s James Doherty wins F1 eSports Xbox third final ahead of Team Redline’s Bono Huis

Photo Credit: Codemasters

It was a battle of professional eSports teams and drivers in the latest Xbox final as James Doherty reigned supreme ahead of Bono Huis.

They were no delays this time for the Xbox Final and the latest qualifying drivers would now battle it out for three more Pro-Draft slots.

It was a downpour at the Circuit de Catalunya, but that would not stop him as he would bring home a relatively huge lead of 10 seconds ahead of Bono Huis, both of the drivers now finally qualifying after three attempts.

Doherty, Driver of Veloce eSports who are affiliated with Jean-Eric Vergne held off the early pressure from his Sim-Racing rival of Bono Huis, representing Team Redline who are affiliated with Max Verstappen and Lando Norris.

Huis would go on to finish comfortably in the second position on the podium, Although the battle for third was much more intense with Kimmy Larson managing to overtake Chris Holstein on the first lap and managed to defend this position despite a mass of pressure came from Holstein in the final two laps.

Doherty, Huis, and Larson have now all earned a spot in the Pro-Draft where they will seek drives representing real Formula One World Championship teams.

The heavy rain caused drama throughout the race, you can watch the highlights here

The next Xbox final is at Monaco and is the final chance to qualify for the Pro-Draft. Stay tuned to for all the F1 eSports news.

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