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OM Opinions: Our riders of the day in Mugello.

Well, Mugello certainly lived up to the hype. Italians on the podium in every class will send the fans home happy, but not one of them stood on the top step. We chose our riders of the day, which was easy for one class in particular…

Josie Smith- Moto3:

Moto3- Jorge Martin. After two horrendous non-finishes, he really outdid himself to get back on that top step. From the first lap’s 0.5s gap to the finish line fight with DiGiannantonio and Bezzechi he managed to keep his cool (especially around the hare) and kept out of trouble to get the win. He fully deserved that top step today and many more.

Moto2- Joan Mir. Miracle Mir is definitely a nickname he deserves. His performance was downright breathtaking, he put the gossip of the weekend out of his head and just did what he does best, deliver a corking ride to show everyone EXACTLY why he is probably moving to MotoGP next year.

MotoGP- Jorge Lorenzo. First of all, wow! The old Lorenzo made a reappearance and it was magical. I’ll admit I had very little faith in him, I was expecting him to crash or for the tyres to fall away and and his pace to suffer but I’m so glad I was wrong because his performance was just outstanding. I sincerely hope the old school Lorenzo is making a comeback.

Jacob Ward- Moto2:

Moto3- Fabio DiGiannatonio. For me, DiGi was excellent, he was combative and managed to reel in the scarpering Jorge Martin from his rocket start. The biggest mistake he made all race was towing Bezzecchi to the front with him, which is what cost him in the end. I’m not saying DiGi would have beaten Martin, but I feel like he deserved the win a little more than the other two, but I’m sure he will be satisfied with third place at home.

Moto2- Lorenzo Baldassarri. He completely shot the pooch in qualifying, crashing on an out lap and only salvaging eighth on the last lap of the session. He then made it even harder by getting a nightmare start, being outside the top 10. He then proceeded to pick off all the riders one by one, passing everyone brilliantly, and not so brilliantly sometimes as Alex Marquez will attest. He made one mistake all race, which is what caused Olivera to strike at Casanova and take the win. But second place from where he was, he was excellent.

MotoGP- Jorge Lorenzo. He never lost it did he? All it took was a new fuel tank and he was able to win. Sure, some people will say its because of the threat of a P45 coming his way, but you NEVER lose the talent he has. I’m so happy that he managed to win on the Ducati, and at Mugello no less. He managed to achieve something not even Rossi could achieve, and thats win a MotoGP race on a Ducati and a Yamaha. Italy is Lorenzo’s land this weekend, and I could not be happier.

Nat Jarvis- MotoGP:

Moto3- Jorge Martin. Simply because he won from pole in Mugello in a Moto3 race, nobody has done this and to do it here is special.

Moto2- Joan Mir. Again, he was right in there, but he looked like he dropped off halfway through, but then all of a sudden when the leaders duffed each other up he was right there with two laps to go. He made no mistakes again and showed his class, and why Suzuki’s deal for next year is almost done. On top of this he also beat his far more experienced team mate.

MotoGP- Jorge Lorenzo. Love him or hate him, it has to be Jorge Lorenzo. If you had painted the Ducati blue he could well have been riding the Yamaha again, it was the Lorenzo of old. He managed to do what Rossi didn’t and win on a Ducati, it may be a better bike but he has had a torrid time with it so far, and it was lovely to see all of the pitlane come out and congratulate him. That to me is what MotoGP is all about.

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