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A maiden victory and a Brit on the top spot as British F3 shines in the Silverstone sun

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A maiden victory in the morning and a Brit on the top spot in the afternoon as the BRDC British F3 season roars round a sunny Silverstone

The sun was shining as the British F3 desk arrived at Silverstone for races two and three of the BRDC British F3 season.  Despite being a very distinct shade of beetroot red, courtesy of yesterday sun, we set about with a morning chat with Carlin driver Billy Monger, who explained that yesterday’s performance was down to tyre choice and the team had banked on today to make the most of the points.

Despite that tyre advantage it was Pavan Ravishankar who claimed his first British F3 Victory.  Starting from pole, thanks to the reverse grid, the Singaporean lead from start to finish, with Carlin’s Sun Yue Yang second and Fortec’s Tom Gamble third.

Race two ace Nicolai Kjaergaard gained eight places to just miss out on a podium in fourth ahead of Tristan Charpentier, with race one winner Linus Lundqvist making up a stunning 11 places fighting from 17th on the grid to take sixth.  Billy Monger, Jordan Cane, Jamie Chadwick and Sasakorn Chaimongkol all saw out the top ten.

Ravishankar made a good start from pole and lead into the first corner.  Arvin Esmaeili got himself up to second place after starting third on the grid with Tristen Charpentier looking after Esmaeili’s third place.  It was a good start also for Kjaergaard who was already up to eighth by the end of lap one.  Championship leader Lundqvist, not to be outdone climbed to ninth.   It was all coming undone further down the grid with race one podium finisher Kush Maini getting into a spot of bother at Village.  The unexpected detour sent the Indian to the back of the field while Manuel Maldonado, didn’t want all the attention to go to Mani spun at Luffield and had to pit.

Ravishankar’s extended his lead to 1.9 seconds on lap two ahead of Esmaeili who was busy holding off the attentions of Sun Yue Yang in third.  Lap three and Yang had found his way past the Swede, but Ravishankar was now just a blip on the horizon.  Esmaeli extended an invite to Charpentier and Gamble who graciously accepted the offer and went past Esmaeili, with Kjaergaard and Lundqvist close behind in sixth and seventh.  Jusuf Owega picked up a puncher and Krishnaraaj Mahadik who broke his front wing pitted pushing them well out of contention for anything.

The lead remain the same as Kjaergaard and Lundqvist, not to be outdone, passed a flailing Esmaeili for fifth and sixth on lap four.  A queue started forming behind Fortec’s Charpentier, with the Frenchman’s mirrors full up with Gamble, Kjaergaard and Lundqvist.

Yang narrowed the gap to 2.8 seconds as the race came to a close but Ravishankar was able to  increase the lead once more to take his maiden win.  Yang’s podium was also the first for the Renault Sport Academy driver.

Charpentier held third until Gamble and Kjaergaard finally found their way past on lap eight, with the Frenchman just having to fend off a rampant Lundqvist, who finished just 0.445 seconds behind in sixth.

Monger made good progress from 10th on the grid to secure seventh.  He had fallen to 12th on the first lap, but making the most of those fresh tyres he rose up the places.  Douglas Motorsport’s Jamie Chadwick started 13th and ended up taking ninth with Sasakorn Chaimongkol thenth for Hillspeed.

After such a special victory Ravishankar has this to say; “I had to get a good start and on the first few laps I pushed as hard as I could to get a gap.  The guys behind me were fighting which definitely helped me get a gap and once we got mid-race I realised I had a big gap, so I was able to control the race from there.”

BRDC British F3 Championship, Silverstone race two result:

1. Pavan Ravishankar, Double R Racing, 10 laps
2. Sun Yue Yang, Carlin, +3.461s
3. Tom Gamble, Fortec Motorsports, +4.303s
4. Nicolai Kjaergaard, Carlin, +5.397s
5. Tristan Charpentier, Fortec Motorsports, +7.192s
6. Linus Lundqvist, Double R Racing, +7.637s
7. Billy Monger, Carlin, +8.591s
8. Jordan Cane, Douglas Motorsport, +9.003s
9. Jamie Chadwick, Douglas Motorsport, +10.892s
10. Sasakorn Chaimongkol, Hillspeed, +11.216s
11. Clement Novalak, Carlin, +12.681s
12. Arvin Esmaeili, Douglas Motorsport, +17.751s
13. Ben Hurst, Hillspeed, +24.521s
14. Kush Maini, Lanan Racing, +39.708s
15. Jusuf Owega, Hillspeed, +1m07.486s
16. Manuel Maldonado, Fortec Motorsports, +1m49.105s
17. Krishnaraaj Mahadik, Double R Racing, +1m49.232s

Race three came at the end of a long day, Silverstone having spent most of the sunshine enjoying the British GT event. None the less, there were still important points to be won. Now far redder than we were in the morning, the British F3 desk took our place in the welcomed shaded of the media room as the lights went out.

British driver Gamble lead from start to finish to pick up his second victory of the season. Gamble set the fast lap of 1m 56.845, the fastest of the day. By a strange stroke of coincident, Maini set exactly the same time! My sources tell me that the fastest lap honour goes to Gamble as “he did it first..”

Championship leader Lundqvist came in second followed closely by Maini. Championship challenger Kjaergaard came home in fourth, with Cane fifth, Novalak sixth and Maldonado seventh. Hillspeed’s German driver Owega came home in eight and Charpentier and Mahadik ninth and tenth respectively.

Carlin’s Monger came home in last place after a trip through the pits.

It was Gamble who had the best get away from second place on the grid, with Maini dropping to second. Come Maggots and Becketts, the pair were side by side, but a trip into the gravel from Maini gave Gamble the breathing space he required.

It was Gamble who had the best get away from second place on the grid, with Maini dropping to second.  Come Maggots and Becketts, the pair were side by side, but a trip into the gravel from Maini gave Gamble the breathing space he required.

From then on Gamble was in control with the Brit leading comfortable from Lundqvist by almost a second at the halfway stage, and then 2.5 by the chequered flag.

Lundqvist’s second place helped the Swede extend his championship lead, with Maini’s second podium of the weekend firming up his third place in the standings.

A  more comfortable looking Kjaergaard climbed two places in the early on, and kept Cane at bay in the latter half of the race.  The Dane slips a little further behind Lundqvist in the championship battle and will be looking to regroup for Spa – a track the Carlin driver ranks amongst his favorites to drive.

Novalak kept ahead of Maldonado to sixth by just 0.253 seconds, while Owega was just half a second ahead of Charpentier for eighth, with back in 10th and keeping race two podium finisher Sun Yue Yang behind him by 0.443 seconds.  Race two winner Pavan Ravishankar couldn’t take the earlier momentum into the afternoon and finished 12th, while Chadwick slogged away at the back after an incident early on with Monger to claim 13th.  Chaimongkol brought his Hillspeed  home in 14th.

Esmaeili, Hurst and Monger came home as the final finishers of the day.

On his second victory of the year, Gamble had this to say; “I knew it was going to be a case of getting him off the line, that was going to be the easiest way to lead it.  I managed that and then it was just a case of putting in consistent fast lap times throughout the whole race, it felt like a qualifying session, just trying to get the quickest laps we could.  I could see at the start he [Lundqvist] was coming at me and I had to up my game.  In the latter half of the race I was putting in quick lap times and managed to bridge a bit of a gap which was fantastic.”

BRDC British F3 Championship, Silverstone race three result:

1. Tom Gamble, Fortec Motorsports, 10 laps
2. Linus Lundqvist, Double R Racing, +2.503s
3. Kush Maini, Lanan Racing, +3.601s
4. Nicolai Kjaergaard, Carlin, +4.677s
5. Jordan Cane, Douglas Motorsport, +5.261s
6. Clement Novalak, Carlin, +7.138s
7. Manuel Maldonado, Fortec Motorsports, +7.391s
8. Jusuf Owega, Hillspeed, +10.828s
9. Tristan Charpentier, Fortec Motorsports, +11.308s
10. Krishnaraaj Mahadik, Double R Racing, +21.478s
11. Sun Yue Yang, Carlin, +21.921s
12. Pavan Ravishankar, Double R Racing, +22.892s
13. Jamie Chadwick, Douglas Motorsport, +23.539s
14. Sasakorn Chaimongkol, Hillspeed, +23.745s
15. Arvin Esmaeili, Douglas Motorsport, +24.534s
16. Ben Hurst, Hillspeed, +30.465s
17. Billy Monger, Carlin, +1m30.014s

The next rounds see the F3 trucks roll into the stunning setting of Spa and Overtake will be bringing you all the action.


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