Sophie Says: Beating the Off-Season Blues

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder it may seem like there are few opportunities to get your motorsports fix in the chilly British Winter, otherwise known as motorsport’s ‘offseason‘.

Although some drivers are escaping the UK’s cold season, by jetting off to Spain and Dubai, warm, sunny countries with race tracks, perfect for making sure they are well practiced and prepared for the new season, rally racers and their die hard fans are bracing the freezing temperatures and February frost to complete the rally stages, which continue regardless off the extreme weather. However no amount of rallying could make me face the unbearable cold to spectate the stages, so I had to find another way to get my Motorsport fix… 

I’d been to the Autosport show many times in the past (I was even lucky enough to race there. Twice!) but none of them times could compete with this year’s spectacular show. With its exciting new layout, thrilling live action arena and an even wider variety of cars and formulas; it definetly brightened up the dark, boring offseason! More halls and even more space meant you no longer had to fight the bustling crowds to get a glimpse of your favourite car! The entertainment had also been upped- there was futuristic simulators with virtual reality headsets and lots of fun challenges you could participate in, with amazing prizes up for grabs. There really was something for everyone; I was spoilt for choice! After getting my picture took with all the F1 cars, it was time for the live action arena show, which I’d been anticipating for a while. And it didn’t disappoint; with unbelievable stunts by Terry Grant, a massive range of different formulas, racing around the track and the stunt team even recreated the most famous scenes from the Italian Job!

I learnt that yes, Winter may be most motorsport’s off-season but it is also a time of change. It’s the time of year F1 reveals its new changes and tracks. It’s the time where F1 teams reveal their new cars to the media and the countless fans eager to see their new design. It’s also the time of year when the drivers switch seats and sometimes even series. This is true for me- I recently sold my Cadet kart and I’m going to move into the next class (Juniors) very soon.

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