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Thrills and spills as British F3 sizzles in the holiday sunshine

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It was a glorious bank holiday Monday as race two and three of the 2019 BRDC British F3 season took place in the Oulton Park sunshine.

Having eaten our own weight in chocolate the day before, the F3 desk waddled to Oulton Park for rounds two and three on the BRDC British F3 season which was streaming online for the first time as well.  Carlin’s Kaylen Frederick converted his pole position into a strong maiden victory at as it was an “all American” 1-2 with Neil Verhagen finishing second and taking his maiden podium in the Double R.

Frederick made a solid getaway off the line and then pulled away to take the win by almost five seconds, while Verhagen in second, finished around six seconds clear of Fortec’s Manuel Maldonado who finished third.

Sasakorn Chaimongkol finished fifth for Hillspeed, but a 10 second time penalty applied for a false start dropped him down the field to 13th come the end.  Josh Mason was fifth for Lanan Racing.

Frederick immediately dragged out a lead over Verhagen down to Old Hall, while Maldonado, found himself going from third from sixth on the grid.  There was contact between Hampus Ericsson and Kris Wright at Shell Oils corner, as the young Swede [Ericsson] went for a gap which in all likelihood wast there.  The move dropped Ericsson down the order and Wright out of the race.

As Frederick started to strike out a lead all the action was behind as Maldonado battled Jewiss.  Less than a second separated them as they spared round the track with Maldonado showing his experience in this class by hanging onto third.

Penalty in mind, Chaimongkol set his sights on getting past a stubborn Josh Mason and managed to past on lap nine.  With the remaining runners all immediately behind Mason, it meant that Chaimongkol was only able to finish ahead of Ericsson, who was three laps down.

With Chaimongkol past, the next driver with Mason in his sights was race one winner Novalak, but with time running out had to settle for sixth, with De Pauw, Hoggard, Azman, Pedersen, Petersson and Ravishankar all within five seconds of Mason at the flag.

The result means that Novalak extends his lead in the championship standings to 17 points over Hoggard, while Ayrton Simmons retired on lap six, and drops to fifth in the standings behind De Pauw and Maldonado.

With his maiden race win in the bag Ferderick had this to say; “We knew we had the pace on Saturday and it was just a case of putting it all together, which we did today. I got a good start and was able to pull in front of Neil on the way down to turn one.  I just kept my head looking forward and just ran my own race.

It might have looked easy but all that time I made up was just me pushing the most out of the car that I could, so obviously it was quite on edge for me throughout the race, but it gave me quite a dominant win.

Starting P4 for race three, I’ve had some decent starts this weekend so I will see if I can get a position off the line, but I’ll definitely be challenging to get up to the podiums for the race.”

BRDC British F3 Championship, Oulton Park race two result:

1. Kaylen Frederick, Carlin, 13 laps
2. Neil Verhagen, Double R Racing, +4.980s
3. Manuel Maldonado, Fortec Motorsports, +10.874s
4. Kiern Jewiss, Douglas Motorsport, +11.259s
5. Josh Mason, Lanan Racing, +23.604s
6. Clement Novalak, Carlin, +24.145s
7. Ulysse De Pauw, Douglas Motorsport, +25.546s
8. Johnathan Hoggard, Fortec Motorsports, +24.926s
9. Nazim Azman, Chris Dittmann Racing, +26.820s
10. Benjamin Pedersen, Douglas Motorsport, +27.248s
11. Lucas Petersson, Carlin, +27.588s
12. Pavan Ravishankar, Double R Racing, +28.310s
13. Sasakorn Chaimongkol, Hillspeed, +29.879s*
14. Hampus Ericsson, Double R Racing, +3 laps
DNF. Ayrton Simmons, Chris Dittmann Racing, 5 laps
DNF. Kris Wright, Fortec Motorsports, 0 laps*

*10 second time penalty for false starts

As sure as afternoon follows morning, race three followed race two and  British driver Johnathan Hoggard claimed his first victory to make it a hat trick of different winners at Oulton Park.

Hoggard held third place early on, but a mid race challenge by Novalak on then leader Simmons resulted in the duo taking to the grass and promoting Hoggard to the lead. Hoggard then set about extending his lead to finish comfortably in P1 come the chequered flag.

Simmons challenged Hoggard for a lap after the drama, but armed with four new tyres, Hoggard pulled away.  Simmons built a gap over Novalak, who challenged constantly.

Simmons made a great getaway to gain a clear lead on the run down to Old Hall, with Novalak in second ahead Hoggard.  Behind them, Frederick and Jewiss went wheel to wheel, with the pair making slight contact and sending Frederick on the grass down through The Avenue, dropping him towards the tail of the field.

Simmons and Novalak jostled for position as the race settled down, Hoggard ready to pounce on any errors.

The inevitable happened on lap seven as Novalak got alongside Simmons over Hill Top.  Simmons braked late and went across the grass at the Hislops chicane, and rejoined alongside Novalak again, who himself then took to the grass, allowing Hoggard to slice through.

Simmons who looked at times to be in a position to fight back held a firm second place as Novalak dropped back.

Jewiss’s fourth place equalled his best result of the weekend.

On his maiden race win, Hoggard said; “I struggled at the start and I think we need to do some more practice starts to make sure we get the technique right. Then it was a case of not being able to do much and just following the two guys in front. I could see what was going to happen when they started going side by side at a corner that doesn’t really allow it, and I took my moment and managed to get into the lead and went from there.

I made sure I was consistent without making too many mistakes and managed to pull out the gap a little bit at the end of the race.”

Post race, the incident between Simmons and Novalak was investigated by the Clerk of the Course, with Simmons given a one second time penalty.  The full decision being;

Car #12 (Ayrton Simmons) left the circuit and went across the grass before rejoining after the middle left hander.

“When he did so he forced car #12 (Clement Novalak) to run wide and leave the circuit.

“In this manoeuvre car #12 was able to stay ahead of car #17.

“Car #12 is penalised by the addition of ONE second to his race time for gaining an unfair advantage in accordance with Motorsport UK regulation C2.3

“It is accepted that the manoeuvre was not intentional.”

The penalty means that Simmons and Novalak’s positions in the race are reversed, with Novalak now classified second and Simmons third.

BRDC British F3 Championship, Oulton Park race three revised result:

1. Johnathan Hoggard, Fortec Motorsports, 13 laps
3. Clement Novalak, Carlin, +2.436s
2. Ayrton Simmons, Chris Dittmann Racing, +2.471s**
4. Kiern Jewiss, Douglas Motorsport, +4.102s
5. Neil Verhagen, Double R Racing, +7.985s
6. Ulysse De Pauw, Douglas Motorsport, +17.010s
7. Sasakorn Chaimongkol, Hillspeed, +18.081s
8. Manuel Maldonado, Fortec Motorsports, +18.582s
9. Lucas Petersson, Carlin, +19.112s
10. Benjamin Pedersen, Douglas Motorsport, +19.465s
11. Nazim Azman, Chris Dittmann Racing, +21.933s
12. Kaylen Frederick, Carlin, +23.694s
13. Hampus Ericsson, Double R Racing, +25.595s
14. Josh Mason, Lanan Racing, +33.545s
15. Pavan Ravishankar, Double R Racing, +37.135s
16. Kris Wright, Fortec Motorsports, +54.739s*

*False start penalty
** One second penalty – Clerk of the Course Decision


Next stop Snetteron on the 18th/19th May and Overtake will be there to bring you all the action.

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