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F1: FIA invites tenders for standard fuel system

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The FIA has launched a tender for standardised fuel systems to be used on Formula 1 cars from 2021.

This is the latest tender to have been launched with the FIA having previously issued invitations for gearbox cassettes, wheel rims, brake friction material and brake system components.

The invitation for the fuel system states that the winning tender will be contracted from 2021 to 2024 but could also include the 2025 season. As such, tenders have been told to submit two bids.

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Stating the objectives of the tender, the FIA said: “The aim of single source supply is to retain current levels of Formula One fuel system performance for all cars at a reduced cost for the competitors whilst also removing the requirement for competitors to design or source their own fuel system components.”

“The components can be carried over between seasons, which removes the need for costly continuous performance development”.

“Fuel flow limitation enforcement is key to the fairness of the competition, and common fuel system components shall contribute to a fair regulation of the competition by the FIA.”

The FIA has confirmed that there are five components that will be supplied by the provider. The components are:

“•The primer fuel pump

• The damper – if deemed necessary.

• The HP fuel pump

• The pipes from the primer fuel pump to the coupler located at the exit of the fuel cell

• The pipes from the coupler located at the exit of the fuel cell and the HP fuel pump”

The FIA has also stated that components within the fuel cell (primer pump and damper) will need to be able to last for a full season. The components outside the fuel cell can be renewed in line with engine the engine life rules (3 races per season).

All bidders must submit their tenders by the 15th June and the FIA will make a decision on the 14th July.

This could be a blow for teams who were hoping for the 2021 rules to be resolved before the end of June.



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