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Sergio Perez tops first practice, Max Verstappen heads practice 2

Sergio Perez and Racing Point make a surprise appearance at the top of the time sheets in FP1, while Verstappen takes a potentially crucial 1st place in FP2.

This is the first time in F1 Championship history that consecutive races have taken place at the same track. While the conditions were remarkably similar to last week’s race, the teams still needed to work on technical gremlins. Mercedes are expected to be the shoe-ins for victory, but some surprises may scupper their attempts.

Full practice standings for each session are at the bottom of the article.

Free Practice 1 Report:

Robert Kubica stepped in to the Alfa Romeo for FP1 and Jack Aitken made his F1 debut, albeit for just the practice session. The practice session was a standard affair, with many drivers using this opportunity to practice their high fuel runs. Ferrari ran tests on their new aerodynamic equipment, in an attempt to save themselves from the woeful performance last week. Nicolas Latifi’s session came to an early close as a suspected gearbox issue ground his car to a halt. Daniel Kvyat saw some sideways action, losing grip throughout turn 3. Jack Aitken not only managed to out-perform Latifi but Robert Kubica and Kevin Magnussen as well. The latter however, only completed 2 installation laps.

Free Practice 2 Report:

With news that the impending weather may be more severe than expected, there is a chance that the FP2 results may dictate the starting grid positions. Before the cars could start to properly initiate their qualifying simulations, Daniel Ricciardo had a huge incident in the final sector. This bought out the red flag and the Australian was seen limping as he made his way to the medical car. The Red Bulls took the most screen time throughout the session with separate incidents for both drivers. Verstappen, who was clearly going for the fastest time suffered several track limit infringements. But, the Dutch driver managed to post a time only 0.7 off last week’s pole time, handing him top honours. Alex Albon had his own issues, with 2 spins on different parts of the track. He could only recover to 7th. Racing Point continued to impress, taking 3rd and 4th, their ‘Pink Mercedes’ looking increasingly stable through the fast corners.

Who knows what sessions will take place tomorrow, But with Bottas 2nd and Hamilton only 6th, this could be the situation the Mercedes were trying to avoid.

Free Practice 1 Standings:

  1. Sergio Perez
  2. Verstappen+0.096
  3. Bottas +0.222
  4. Hamilton +0.253
  5. Stroll +0.529
  6. Albon +0.616
  7. Sainz +0.735
  8. Gasly +0.831
  9. Ricciardo +0.902
  10. Vettel +0.903
  11. Kvyat +0.948
  12. Leclerc +0.970
  13. Ocon +1.007
  14. Norris +1.041
  15. Raikkonen +1.574
  16. Grosjean +1.579
  17. Aitken +1.901
  18. Kubica +1.930
  19. Latifi +4.731
  20. Magnussen N/A


Free Practice 2 Standings:

  1. Verstappen
  2. Bottas +0.043
  3. Perez +0.217
  4. Stroll +0.581
  5. Sainz +0.673
  6. Hamilton +0.688
  7. Albon +0.777
  8. Norris +0.881
  9. Leclerc +1.046
  10. Ocon +1.086
  11. Gasly +1.097
  12. Kvyat +1.390
  13. Raikkonen +1.492
  14. Giovinazzi +1.705
  15. Russell +1.928
  16. Vettel +1.953
  17. Latfi +1.995
  18. Magnussen +2.130
  19. Grosjean +2.436
  20. Riccardo N/A

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