Hello and welcome to Overtake Motorsport.

We launched in December 2015 as an expansion of the Crowther Media network.

Here at Overtake Motorsport, we cover a wide variety of series, from Formula 1 to British Formula 3, NASCAR to WEC, and everything in-between.

Setting our sights on becoming the number one stop for motorsport news, we have the best up-and-coming talent reporting for us and we hope to be a stepping stone to propel our writers up the journalism ladder.

Some of our writers are now featured in the Lotus Seven Club magazine, Lowflying and Autosport.

We’re always on the look-out for new contributors and if you dream of a career in sports journalism, why not drop us a line? We have a great team who are keen to help you along the way… just don’t forget us when you reach the top…!

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