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Coates expects busier qualifying sessions

The new Michelin tyres could result in busy qualifying sessions in this season’s Renault UK Clio Cup.

Ciceley’s Max Coates tested the new tyres for the first time earlier this week, and believes the extra durability means drivers will be able to get more flying laps during qualifying.

“Before, on most tracks you’d get two ‘banzai’ laps out of a new pair of fronts but with these it’s more likely we’ll see them holding up for five or even more laps before their performance starts to tail off,” he said.

“That could really have an effect in qualifying as drivers will be able to keep on it for longer – it could make for a very busy 30 minutes in qualifying and you may need to re-think things in regards to timing your run.

“In some ways, it takes a bit of pressure off because you have more chances of getting in the ultimate lap but, of course, ideally you wanted to set a mega time in your first few laps to keep as much life in the tyres for the races.”

Though teams can put as many sets of tyres as they like on the rear of the car, the front wheels are limited to only two fresh pairs for the entire round.

Feature image credit: Caroline Rhea

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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