Marta Garcia secures second place as W Series Esports League goes out with a bang at Silverstone

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Marta Garcia made it two wins out of three as the Spaniard secured second place in the final round of the W Series Esports League at Silverstone.

The 20-year-old continued with her impressive form to take two wins and finish 16 points behind Dutch driver Beitske Visser, who secured the championship last week.

Russian Irina Sidorkova secured third in what has been an impressive virtual debut season in this series.

26-year-old Brit Sarah Moore secured her first W Series win in the reverse grid race.  Silverstone saw the curtain come down on the series’ Esports League, a league which has be highly successful thanks to coverage on social media and BBC iPlayer and has brought the W Series to a wider audience.

Race One

With no Visser racing in this round, it was a good opportunity for her rivals to pick up some points, and it was Marta Garcia who pipped Caitlin Wood to pole by two tenths of a second.  However, it was Wood who had the better start and nearly took the lead with a great move up on the inside at Abbey, but M. Garcia was wise to it and held off.  The Spaniard never looked back and took a comfortable win.  It went from bad to worse for Wood as the Australian lost second place to Nerea Marti.  An incident soon followed as Tasmin Pepper also tried to capitalise on Wood’s lack of speed, but got too close on the Wellington Straight and hit the rear of Wood ending both their challenges. Marti and Sidorkova both had spins, meanwhile with M. Garcia lead from her nearest rival, Ayla Agren by three seconds.  Fabienne Wohlwend took the final podium place despite a late charge from Marti.

Race One Result

Pos No Driver Time/Retired Grid Points FL
1 19 Marta Garcia 16:04.200 1 20 1
2 17 Ayla Agren -15.791 9 17
3 5 Fabienne Wohlwend -19.789 12 15
4 32 Nerea Marti -19.953 3 13
5 22 Belen Garcia -26.213 10 11
6 20 Caitlin Wood -26.921 2 10
7 1 Hannah Grisham -46.816 7 0
8 7 Emma Kimilainen -50.894 11 9
9 99 Naomi Schiff -51.606 6 8
10 31 Tasmin Pepper -1:02.693 4 7

Race Two

Technical gremlins for Sabre Cook meant that Vicky Piria started the reverse-grid race in pole. The Italian was quickly overtaken by British driver Moore at the end of the Wellington Straight on lap one, and Pepper made up for her race one error by overtaking Piria also. Piria’s miserable five minutes culminated in driving into the back of Emma Kimilainen sending the pair down the pecking order.  Meanwhile, back at the front, Pepper trailed Moore by four tenths of a second but as the race entered its closing stages the South African dropped down to sixth having spun after trying a move on Moore.  It was heart break for Naomi Schiff who had her first podium position in sight.  The Belgium born driver spun at Village and dropped down to fifth which allowed Moore to take the win.

Race Two Result

1 26 Sarah Moore 16:17.727 2 20
2 51 Ira Sidorkova -1.691 3 17
3 32 Nerea Marti -2.369 10 15
4 31 Tasmin Pepper -4.734 4 13
5 99 Naomi Schiff -5.316 5 11
6 17 Ayla Agren -6.897 12 10
7 19 Marta Garcia -8.660 13 9 1
8 20 Caitlin Wood -36.710 8 8
9 1 Hannah Grisham -41.852 7 0
10 5 Fabienne Wohlwend -48.258 11 7

Race Three

M. Garcia pipped Pepper to the pole in qualifying by three tenths of a second.  It was a good start from the Spaniard who got away cleanly.  Wood took second place from Pepper at Abbey in a blistering start to the race.  With 16 of the 20 minutes remaining a great battle emerged between Pepper and Marti as they battled for third, a battle which lasted for several laps.  As the race approached the halfway stage, the battled continued, Marti and Pepper exchanging places.  It finally came to ahead when Pepper tried one move too many on Marti and the two collided sending Marti spinning down the order.  All this action behind helped M. Garcia ease to victory completing a great final round for the Spaniard and making sure she saw out the final half of the season on top form.

Race Three Result

1 19 Marta Garcia 20:01.827 1 20 1
2 20 Caitlin Wood -7.890 3 17
3 31 Tasmin Pepper -15.704 2 15
4 99 Naomi Schiff -15.919 5 13
5 1 Hannah Grisham -20.554 10 0
6 5 Fabienne Wohlwend -23.157 9 11
7 17 Ayla Agren -24.961 7 10
8 22 Belen Garcia -47.929 8 9
9 32 Nerea Marti -1:00.413 4 8
10 7 Emma Kimilainen -1:02.977 11 7


On winning two races at Silverstone, Marta Garcia said; “Winning two races in the final round at Silverstone was a very good way to finish the W Series Esports League.  I got pole position in both qualifying sessions, so I started first and had good pace in those races which allowed me to make a really good gap and take the wins.

I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do now that the W Series Esports League season has finished.  I will try to go on holiday here in Spain and try to do some on-track testing to get me ready for next year.  I’m really looking forward to getting back on-track and to next year with W Series.  I think it’s going to be great racing with F1 in Austin, Texas, USA and Mexico City, Mexico in 2021.  That is an amazing possibility for us and being there alongside the F1 drivers will be mega.”

On winning her first virtual W Series race, Sarah Moore said; “Winning the reverse-grid race at Silverstone was a really nice way to finish off the W Series Esports League season.  Race one didn’t go to plan for me, so I thought I’d give it up to get towards the front of the grid for the start of race two.  I started second behind Vicky [Piria] and I knew that all I needed to do was get past her in the first few corners and then the guys behind me would start fighting.  I managed to do that and then I had Tasmin [Pepper] on my tail for quite a while, but she unfortunately hit the back of me and spun around, giving me a nice gap.

Tasmin had good pace in practice so I don’t think I would have been able to keep up if she had passed me – rather than battling I think I would have given her the place and come home happy with second place.  The nerves started to get the better of me towards the end when Naomi [Schiff] started to catch me, but she made a mistake on the last lap so it was a nice win.

I’ve been back out on-track in karts over the past few weeks.  It’s been hard to balance the simulator work and find time to get out on a circuit to keep me in a race seat, but the W Series Esports League has been a fantastic opportunity to learn some new circuits.

I’m really looking forward to racing at the F1 events in Austin, Texas, USA and Mexico City, Mexico, next year. When that was announced it was the highlight of everyone’s year, so to have that to look forward to in 2021 will make it the best year of my racing career so far.”

Final Championship Standings

Position No Driver Points
1 95 Beitske Visser 439
2 19 Marta Garcia 423
3 51 Irina Sidorkova 331
4 32 Nerea Marti 317
5 31 Tasmin Pepper 305
6 20 Caitlin Wood 303
7 17 Ayla Agren 223
8 22 Belen Garcia 211
9 26 Sarah Moore 202
10 99 Naomi Schiff 161
11 5 Fabienne Wohlwend 145
12 27 Alice Powell 137
13 21 Jess Hawkins 135
14 44 Abbie Eaton 124
15 7 Emma Kimilainen 121
16 3 Gosia Rdest 101
17 97 Bruna Tomaselli 86
18 37 Sabre Cook 62
19 85 Miki Koyama 53
20 11 Vicky Piria 39
21 55 Jamie Chadwick 18


Dates for next year have yet to be decided, but stay tuned to Overtake and we will bring you all the latest information and news for 2021 when it is announced.



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