BTCC: Butcher dominates despite starting grid controversy

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Rory Butcher won the first race at Silverstone despite being disadvantaged by a wet grid slot.

The pole position grid slot was affected after a British Formula 4 car had an engine issue in which coolant was spread over that area of the track.

The marshalls successfully cleaned the area but left the pole position wet.

The grid was moved one row back but Butcher was always going to suffer through the second phase of his start.

Butcher started well but the wet patch meant he lost out on traction giving Ingram the lead into Copse.

The first lap was messy with Andy Neate spinning at Copse due to a puncture and Sam Smelt and Gordon Shedden made contact through Luffield putting both out of the race.

Butcher kept Ingram honest and on lap 3 made a great move into Brooklands giving Ingram no choice but the yield the corner.

Butcher started to open the gap to Ingram who in turn was being put under pressure by Dan Lloyd.

Ingram was able to keep Lloyd behind but was starting to become a cork-in-the-bottle with Aiden Moffat, Josh Cook, Colin Turkington and Ash Sutton all joining the queue.

As with the rest of the season, race 1 isn’t the race to take risks and the order at the front didn’t change with Butcher pulling away to win by 3.262s from Ingram and Lloyd.

Moffat kept the pressure on Lloyd but couldn’t find a way past but was able to finish in fourth ahead of Cook, Turkington and Sutton.

Dan Rowbottom, Stephen Jelley and Jason Plato completed the top 10.

Andrew Jordan, in the new-for-2022 hybrid Toyota Corolla, finished without any reliability issues.

Silverstone Race 1 Results

  1. Rory Butcher                                                21:21.142
  2. Tom Ingram                                                   +3.262s
  3. Dan Lloyd                                                       +3.666s
  4. Aiden Moffat                                                  +4.263s
  5. Josh Cook                                                       +6.674s
  6. Colin Turkington                                          +6.929s
  7. Ash Sutton                                                     +7.379s
  8. Dan Rowbottom                                           +8.113s
  9. Stephen Jelley                                             +10.154s
  10. Jason Plato                                                  +10.564s
  11. Tom Oliphant                                              +10.757s
  12. Ollie Jackson                                               +16.981s
  13. Chris Smiley                                                +17.270s
  14. Senna Proctor                                             +17.621s
  15. Carl Boardley                                              +18.009s
  16. Sam Osborne                                               +18.763s
  17. Aron Taylor-Smith                                     +19.410s
  18. Jack Butel                                                    +19.886s
  19. Jack Goff                                                      +23.460s
  20. Tom Chilton                                                +23.822s
  21. Jake Hill                                                       +24.904s
  22. Jade Edwards                                              +25.239s
  23. Rick Parfitt                                                   +26.015s
  24. Nic Hamilton                                               +28.099s
  25. Andrew Jordan                                           +30.593s
  26. Andy Neate                                                          DNF
  27. Adam Morgan                                                     DNF
  28. Gordon Shedden                                                DNF
  29. Sam Smelt                                                           DNF
  30. Jack Mitchell                                                      DNF
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