Girl Talk – Teen Kart Queen meets Ace Racer

Photo: Zak Mauger

Sophie Gill, our teen kart queen is back! And she’s been catching up with ace GP3 racer and Sauber’s test driver, Tatiana Calderon.

Hi everyone, Sophie here! I recently caught up with Sauber F1 test driver Tatiana Calderon to talk F1, women in motorsport and even her favourite movie.

Sophie Gill: Tatiana, how did you get into motorsport?
Tatiana Calderon: When I was 9 years old my sister Paula took me to a rental go-kart track near home and I loved it! We were going there every day after school until we convinced our parents to take us karting more seriously.
SG: So do you come from a motorsport background?
TC: Not really, my parents never raced although my dad has always been a motorsport fan. I went down this route because I found my real passion! But, I’m very lucky because my parents have always supported me and they have inspired me to follow my dreams.

SG: Did you have a hero when you were younger?
TC: Juan Pablo Montoya, he’d also be a dream teammate. He has a lot of experience and I think I would learn a lot from him.

SG: Let’s talk favourites. Tell us your favourite track and racing conditions?
TC: Spa Francorchamps. I like both dry and wet conditions, but I think if I had to choose I prefer dry.
SG: And your favourite F1 team?
TC: Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 team

SG: Any rituals/suppositions before a race, any songs you listen to?
TC: I always jump into the car from the right side and always warm up half an hour before. And as for songs, it changes depending on how I’m feeling but at the moment I’m listening to Rise.

SG: Do you have any hobbies outside of Motorsport?
TC: I love all kind of sports, particularly playing Tennis and water skiing.

SG: So how’s your season going so far? What are your ambitions and plans for the future?
TC: We had a difficult start of the season but in the last couple of races we have been regularly scoring points and in the top 10. We have 2 more rounds to go so hopefully we can keep the good momentum and keep scoring good points. I don’t know yet where I will be racing next year but my dream and goal is to reach F1 and I will do everything in my power make it happen.

SG: Women in motorsport is a hot topic right now, how do you feel about the movement?
TC: I think it all is going on the right direction also thanks to initiatives like Dare to Be different and the FIA Women In Motorsport that are trying to promote female participation in the sport. I think slowly but surely times are changing and I hope to see many more women participating in the sport!

To finish, I asked Tatiana some fun quickfire questions!

What’s your favourite car?
The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is one of my favourites at the moment.
Tea or coffee?
Cake or biscuits?
Do you have any pets?
Unfortunately, I have no time to get a pet with all the travelling.
Favourite movie?
Chocolate or sweets?
Book or movie?
Nothing beats a good book
Summer or Winter?
Trainers or high heels?
Favourite TV show?
Reign on Netflix, I’m addicted to it!

Some responses have been edited for clarity

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