Gallagher on BKR, B-TEC, and the BTCC

Following the announcement he would be joining the B-TEC series, Kieran Gallagher spoke to Overtake Motorsport

Earlier this week, Kieran Gallagher was confirmed as the first driver to be signed to race in the new BTCC B-TEC development series.

The Scot signed a one year deal with Team BKR to race in either the Volkswagen CCs or Insignia built by BMR .

Gallagher spoke to Overtake Motorsport about the deal.

“It all came about when I was forwarded information by Nico [Ferrari] that a few people had mentioned my name,” he said. “A meeting was set and the deal was done.”

Prior to the deal, Gallagher had been considering a number of options for the upcoming season, including continuing in the British Touring Car Championship, but was persuaded to join the B-TEC series.

“After seeing what the team, and the championship, could offer, how could I say no?”

The chance to “be a part of something new, a new challenge” appealed to Gallagher and the chance to pilot the CCs or Insignia was an added bonus.

Though the deal is only for one year, Gallagher said he could “almost guarantee” the partnership will continue further into the future.

Last season, the Scot raced for the RCIB Insurance Racing team in the BTCC. So was it disappointing to not continue in the main championship?

“Not at all. I’m extremely excited to see how this year goes. To be able to work with this team is better than I imagined.”

That doesn’t mean Gallagher doesn’t plan to return to the series later in his career, and hopes BKR’s links with Team BMR will help to secure a BTCC seat in the future.

“That would be a dream come true. Who knows what will happen… We’re only interested in the immediate future and that’s what I’m focusing on.”

BKR have been interested in joining the BTCC in the past, but failed to get the TBL. Gallagher revealed the team still has plans to join the series in the near future.

“It was my understanding that they will, and I will be backing them no matter what.”

Gallagher is the first driver to be signed for the new series, with more to be announced soon. He said it was likely there will be more of last year’s BTCC dropping down due to the high budgets of the series.

“But only time will tell!”

Feature Image Credit: Kieran Gallagher Racing

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