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Pattison retakes Donington win after appeal

Lee Pattison has jumped up to second in the drivers’ standings after his Donington win was reinstated.

Though Pattison was leading the second race of the weekend when it was red flagged. Pattison’s car had come to rest in a dangerous position after colliding with team mate Paul Rivett.

As Pattison was deemed to have caused the stoppage, he wasn’t included in the results, handing Max Coates the race win.

An appeal against the decision was rejected the night of the race, but Pattison took his appeal to the Motor Sport Association’s National Court of Appeal. They ruled in his favour after seeing further evidence, handing Pattison back the race win.

The decision, which not only handed Pattison points but took away from those he bumped down the order, has impacted the top of the Clio Cup standings.

Mike Bushell still leads the standings, with Pattison 37 points behind him. Paul Rivett is currently third, ahead of Max Coates and Daniel Rowbottom.

Feature image credit: Caroline Rhea

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