Week One Grand Pier F1 Sim Challenge

Things are heating up in the first week of the F1 simulator challenge on the Grand Pier as contenders battle it out to set the fastest time in the hopes of winning glory, prestige, and an amazing supercar experience.

IMG_4866In the first week of the competition the gauntlet has already been thrown down, with a contenders from all round the country taking the opportunity to set their lap time in hopes of placing high in the leader board. And with just three tenths of a second between first and second position it’s still all to play for. Mathew Taylor has initially set the benchmark time to beat, a blisteringly quick 1:11.010. But snapping away very close at his heals is Supersups1 with a lap that was also in the 1:11’s. These two drivers remain the only ones so far to break this mark.

Third place contender Marshmall leads the next tightly knit group of competitors, with just three second separating third place to eighth place in the leader board. Marshmall set an impressive time of 1.13.730, just over a tenth of a second faster than Ian Patt in fourth place. Dan H is the only person so far to set a time in the 1.15’s, and for their effort they currently set a respectable fifth in the table. Sixth place Nathan Alaop leads a trio of drivers who all managed to set similar lap times in the 1:16’s, with just eight tenths of second between Nathan and eighth place Impossible-Les. While Stuart Pearce slots in comfortably into seventh position.

Once again we get another little gap before the next group, starting with ninth placed Connor Duffield who is the only competitor to set a time in the 1:18’s so far. His time of 1:18.060 stands on its own little island for now, just safely inside the top ten fastest times. The final top ten position is claimed by Lewis Roberts, who set a respectable time of 1:19.475. While Hcallahan44 just missed out on a top ten position by a mere five tenths of a second.
With so many drivers bunched together with similarly fast paced lap times, getting the perfect lap is key if you want to make a serious impression on the top ten. Spotting your apex’s and being late on the breaks will help you shave off valuable tenths of a second from your lap time. Whilst going flat out through Eau Rouge will definitely save you some time as long as you keep control of the car at the top.

Think you could beat Mathew Taylors time and climb to the top of the leader board? If you want your chance to win the supercar experience, as well as the glory of knowing you are the fastest driver on the simulator, all you have to do is head down to the Grand Pier and set the fastest time on the F1 simulator before midday on the 7th of September.

F1 simulator challenge 2017 Leader board (as of 03/08/17)
1. Mathew Taylor: 1:11.010
2. Supersups1: 1:11.312
3. Marshmall: 1.13.730
4. Ian Patt: 1:13.848
5. Dan H: 1:15.030
6. Nathan Alaop: 1:16.010
7. Stuart Pearce: 1:16.797
8. Impossible-Les: 1:16.840
9. Connor Duffield: 1:18.060
10. Lewis Roberts: 1:19.475
11. Hcallahan44: 1.19.988
12. Chris Chloe: 1:21.661
13. James Bailey: 1:22.667
14. Eder11: 1:23.372
15. Jonathan S: 1:23.973
16. Adam Best: 1:25.126
17. Jonathan Davies: 1:25.936
18. Tynan Maxwell: 1:25.989
19. Dan: 1:26.387
20. Alan Brown: 1:27.476

Feature Image Credit: Overtake Motorsport

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