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JHR Developments suspended from Ginetta Junior and GT4 Supercup

Ginetta has suspended JHR Developments from the Ginetta Junior and Ginetta GT4 Supercup championships whilst it investigates the team’s conduct.

Three of the team’s drivers, including Ginetta Junior championship leader Sebastian Priaulx, were excluded from the Thruxton round due to a technical infringement. The team later appealed in the MSA National court, and the MSA overturned the decision.

Ginetta does not believe the MSA’s decision was “sufficiently comprehensive”, and has suspended JHR Developments whilst it continues to investigate the team’s action.

“Whilst we acknowledge the findings of the MSA and will be further strengthening our policies and regulations going forward, we do not feel the MSA National Court’s findings were sufficiently comprehensive in regards to the conduct of the team in question,” Ginetta said in a bulletin issued to the teams.

“Ginetta is therefore suspending JHR Developments’ participation in our championships, pending further investigation into the conduct of JHR Developments and their employees.

“The investigation will consider whether their actions met our regulatory standards of fairness and were in accord with the principles of good sportsmanship.”

The investigation is unlikely to be concluded before the end of the season.

JHR Developments had been running six Ginetta Junior drivers and two GT4 SuperCup drivers. They will be allowed to move to different teams for the remainder of the season and it’s understood the points they’ve scored so far will not be taken away following the investigation’s conclusion.

“As this investigation relates purely to the conduct of the team in question, the drivers of JHR Developments supported cars will not be subject to any further investigation,” Ginetta said. “We are satisfied that all drivers acted in good faith.”

The team may be allowed to return to the championships next season, depending on the results of the investigation.

Feature image credit: Caroline Rhea


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1 Comment

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