Overtake Motorsport becomes Crest Autosport official media partner

Overtake Motorsport, Crowther Media and Crest Autosport have reached a deal for 2018 with Overtake Motorsport becoming the official media partner of the Crest Autosport SimRally Championship for Season five and beyond.

Overtake Motorsport is very happy to announce a new partnership with Crest Autosport to become the official media partner of the renowned SimRally championship held annual on the DiRT Rally platform. Arguably the most realistic rally simulation available.

We will begin this partnership from the start of the new season which begins on the 15th of February. Which will include full Rally reports of every rally in the season. The championship see’s three different tiers of drivers ranging from Super down to Pro to Amateur showing the different skill brackets of drivers involved with World Record setters often making appearances in the Super category.

Alex Crowther, who started Overtake Motorsport in 2015 said: “I’m delighted to announce this partnership between Overtake Motorsport and Crest Autosport. This mutually beneficial relationship will open up both brands to wider audiences and offer multiple opportunities for all involved.”

Director of Crest Autosport Alex Everitt stated: “Crest Autosport are very much looking forward to beginning our new partnership with Overtake Motorsport. We are now entering a new era of similarly and we can’t wait to get started and show everyone what we have in store for next season.”

Crest Autosport SimRally Season five will begin on the 15th of February 2018 – Exclusive coverage will come to you from us here at Overtake Motorsport.

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