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Moto3: Alcoba Amazes with Maiden Pole

Feature Image Credit: Jeremy Alcoba

A fast paced qualifying session sees a new pole setter as big names are missing due to injury.


The Dutch GP is promising an eventful weekend as it is the last race before the five week summer break. The race also promises the threat of rain, which could actually hit during the qualifying sessions, today.

So with the weather conditions possibly turning wet, the riders head out right as the session begins. They don’t have time for mind games.

The big names in the Q1 session are Jaume Masia, Izan Guevara, Yuki Kunii, and Ryusei Yamanaka. Both Max Racing Team riders have been given double lap long penalties for irresponsible behavior during FP1. Race Direction has said that they will be harsher on their punishments for riders. We have seen a lot of that during the last race in Germany.

During FP3, an incident regarding riders Ricardo Rossi, Pedro Acosta and Stefano Nepa ended in injury. They were taken to the hospoital for further checkups.
We are also missing Filip Salac, who is no longer a part of the Rivacold Snipers team for reasons that are unknown. He will be joining the Prustel Team in Austria, taking over for his good friend Jason Dupasquier.

Alberto Surra takes an early tumble, which may be session over for his qualifying.

As the times come in, Masia is on top with Artigas, Lorenzo Fellon and Joel Kelso right behind him. The top four in the session will move up to Q2. Guevara, who is currently in 8th position, has done a lot of work to get there. He cannot seem to break through that timing, though.

With a minute left in the session, the news has come in that Pedro Acosta will not be qualifying at the Dutch GP due to the incident in FP3. He is currently facing upper back injuries, but due to the fact that he is declared unfit for this session, he may come back for the race. Any injury is taken seriously, though, so the world championship leader might be better off waiting until after summer break.

The riders head out with merely a minute left, and most do not make it past the start/finish line for a last flying lap.

Masia, Artigas, Fellon and Guevara are head into the next qualifying session.


Once again unwilling to waste time, the riders head out for the qualifying session as it begins.

The first times come in with John McPhee, Rodrigo, and Sergios Garcia taking the top times of the session.

Gabriel Rodrigo, who has been minorly injured for some time, is now facing problems with both of his ankles after the highside at the Saschenring. He has the ability to win races and break through the other riders, but the injuries and crashes are making it difficult.

Rodrigo nearly highsides out of the session when he saves it, to the relief of the Gresini team. With the crashes that have happened in Moto3 and MotoGP, it is relieving to see that the riders are able to save themselves.

With six minutes left, Jeremy Alcoba takes pole position with Kaito Toba and Nicolo Antonelli right behind him. Alcoba is another rider that has the talent and skill to be a champion. He has a very hot temper that has seen Race Direction quite a few times. If he can take that temper and shape it for the race, then he can win. All of the tools are there, he just needs to do it.

With just under three minutes left, the riders are beginning to get ready for their final time attack. During the last session, most of the teams got the timing wrong. But the teams have chosen the times correctly and have a chance to fight for pole.

Romano Fenati, who does have a long lap penalty for the race, goes top. If it stands, then it will be his first pole in years. While the placement of riders in Moto3 qualifying do not affect the race as much as it does in other levels, it will help him with his penalty. Just as Fenati is beginning to get comfortable in pole, Alcoba takes pole position. It is the first in his grand prix career.

With Alcoba in pole, Fenti is in 2nd place and Dennis Foggia is in 3rd.

The world championship leader Pedro Acosta is currently 18th on the grid. If he comes back to race, tomorrow, then that is where he will be starting. Famously known as “Pitlane Pedro,” there is little concern for his placement on the grid. He has qualified much worse and has seen good results.

While you never say never in grand prix racing, the rain is most likely to come during the race. The clouds are coming in. And since there is only one bike for Moto3, what the riders go out on is what they will have for the race.
But who will take the win? Will Alcoba amaze, or will the winner be someone we do not expect?

Tune in tomorrow to find out.

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