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Moto3- Garcia Takes Win Amongst KTM Showdown

Feature Image Credit: Sergio Garcia

An action packed race where the win could have gone to any of the top five riders on the last lap. 

With the weather clear and rain free, the Moto3 boys are ready to go racing. For some, their first race win is on the line, and for others- it’s the World Championship. 

Asn a reminder- Our front row is Romano Fenati, Tatsuki Suzuki and Jeremy Alcoba. The riders to look out for are the Petronas Sprinta riders, the

Romano Fenati gets away well from the front row, as does Suzuki. Deniz Oncu and Ayumu Sasaki both make their way up to 2nd and 3rd- and it’s in the first sector that Oncu overtakes Fenati. 

Migno crashes out at the end of lap one, continuing his horrible Austrian streak.

The crash does not seem to be his fault, as he was nudged wide by his teammate David Salvador. 

In 3rd and 4th place we have Sasaki and world championship leader Pedro Acosta. Acosta overtakes both Oncu and Fenati at the beginning of the third lap, the momentum throwing off Oncu, who falls to 3rd. While it’s an impressive move, Acosta isn’t the best at leading racing and tends to win from 2nd place. 

At the end of the lap 3, Fenati and Oncu overtake Acosta, Sergio Garcia beginning to inch into the fight. He’s moved up from 13th to 4th place, needing to close the 53 point gap between himself and Acosta. 

Just behind Garcia, Sasaki has fallen down to 7th while Jaume Masia is in 5th. All the KTM’s, at their home race, are looking like they’ll all finish in the top 10. 

Turn three on lap 6 gets messy as Masia overtakes Garcia, momentarily, nearly squeezing the top three guys out. 

In 7th place, Darryn Binder collides with Sasaki, causing the KTM to crash out. It’s a difficult crash, because it is Binder’s, but there was room to go up the inside of Sasaki. Either way, the Stewards are most likely going to have a look at the incident. 

On lap 8, Fenati has lost all of his drive and is in 5th place, consistently dropping. Oncu is leading the race, followed by Acosta, Garcia and Masia. 

Through turn 10, Acosta looks like he could be slightly nudging track limits, but there is no warning given by Race Direction. 

The Stewards have made a decision for the Binder/Sasaki incident. There will be no action taken against Binder, thus the incident was deigned a racing incident. 

Back to the front, Romano Fenati is leading the race on lap 11, swapping the position with Oncu and Acosta. 

One team that is showing impeccable work, other than the KTM’s, is the Petronas Sprinta racing team. Both are within the top 10, which is an amazing result for the team, half a second behind the leading group. 

Just to mix things up, on lap 13 Pedro Acosta is given a track limits warning. There are still 10 laps to go, and most of his track limits woes come from turn 10. With so long to go, it’s hard not to think that Acosta is going to see the long lap loop. 

In front of the Petronas Sprinta team, but behind the main leading group is Leopard Racing rider Dennis Foggia. There hasn’t been much from him since his last win, maintaining a good standing at the end of the race, but he cannot seem to fight in Austria. 

On lap 16, with 8 to go, Oncu is leading he race with a 00:277 lead. Behind him is Masia, Acosta, and Fenati, all fighting for 2nd place. Garcia fell back behind Binder, but is climbing back up to main pack. 

The only way Garcia is going to close the gap in the championship is if he can get his bike in front of Acosta’s, over the finish line. With his amazing consistency and aggressive tactics, it’s hard to imagine Acosta not going down without a fight. There are almost too many moments where Garcia is too gentle in his fighting for the win. Acosta isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. The only way Garcia is going to be ahead of him over the start/finish line is if Acosta gets a penalty.

 Izan Guevara, teammate to Garcia, is leading the Petronas Sprinta bikes. 

Just outside the top 10, the rider who started the race in 2nd is now in 11th. Jeremy Alcoba is also suffering in 15th. The Gresini Racing rider doesn’t produce the best results when he’s qualified well, which is quite backwards in the racing world. He produces his best results when he has to fight tooth and nail from the very beginning. 

With 2 laps to go, Oncu is still leading the race with Acosta following close behind. Garcia is close behind with Foggia finally showing some teeth and Masia is fighting for 5th along with Fenati and Guevara. 

Acosta is getting amazing drive against Oncu, but can’t stick it as the Turkish rider reclaims the lead. Garcia is in 2nd place, looking to steal the lead and more points away from KTM- but it looks like it might be too late. Foggia is also looking like he’ll steal the podium from Acosta. 

Right at the last two corners, Garcia takes the race win, Oncu in 2nd while Foggia pushes Acosta off of the podium. This will close some points between the top two riders in the world championship- making it 41  points between them. 

The question is- will Garcia be able to keep this up? It might only be the GASGAS rider and KTM that will have any say in the championship.
We’ll see what happens next, at the Silverstone Circuit!

Tune in in 2 weeks to see what happens next.

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