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Formula 1: Verstappen wins the race that never took place. Russell finishes 2nd with Hamilton 3rd.

Featured Image Credit: @F1 Official Twitter

Atrocious weather at Spa led to a race that never had a full racing lap. Half points have been awarded and the eventual podium consisted of the 3 top drivers from qualifying yesterday.

The wet weather was back at Spa and it was relentless.

The first casualty of the day was Perez, with an incident on the way to the grid. His Red Bull collided with the barriers at turn 6 and his race appeared to be over before it began.

at 15:00 it was announced that the race start would be postponed as a huge rain cloud covered the track.

The cars attempted a few formation laps behind the safety car, but it was deemed too wet to begin the race. The session was suspended.

For 3 hours, there was no on track action. Cameras displayed the cheery crowd, numerous shots of rain falling and drivers attempting to amuse themselves during the break.

At 18:17 local time, the cars were able to head back out again and completed 2 laps around the sodden track. But, the rain started to fall and the session was yet again red flagged. However, the hour time limit was now ticking down and every second was a second preventing the race restarting.

But, with 30 minutes to go, it was announced that the race would not begin. Apart from grid penalties and Perez’s starting crash, the qualifying result decided the race. Verstappen has managed to close the gap and Russell takes a shocking podium finish. But, as the podium reflected, it was hardly a race worth celebrating.

In an attempt to sensationalise the ‘race’, here are the big takeaways:

  • Verstappen takes a dominant win, despite staring at the back of a Mercedes for the entirity of the event.
  • Russell storms to his first podium finish in Formula One, after a superb strategy which involved not changing tyres.
  • Ricciardo has bounced back, following his best McLaren qualifying performance with his best race result for the Papaya team.
  • Williams have their 2nd consecutive double points finish with Latifi crossing the line in 9th. This was the team’s first double-double points finish since 2016.
  • Schumacher emulates his father perfectly, completing exactly the same number of racing laps during his Spa debut.
  • Mazepin takes his first fastest lap in Formula One without pushing at any point.

F1 will return in one week’s time for the return of the Dutch Grand Prix.

Feature Image Credit: @F1 Official Twitter


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