Extreme E: Rosberg X Racing win again in Island X-Prix

Feature Image Credit: Extreme E

Rosberg X Racing won round 4 of the Extreme E championship and with it, have taken a commanding lead into the season finale in December. Most cars suffered issues in the final.

In the final it was Chip Gnassi Racing who lead the majority of the race in Sardinia. However, a late race steering failure saw Sara Price retire with terminal damage giving victory to Johan Kristofferson and Molly Taylor, the third of the season for them. 

Team X44 were running into second despite having a puncture. However, the steering broke moments, dropping them to last in the race. 

ABT Cupra were the only other team to avoid issues, save for the passenger door coming off. They were still able to come home in second place. JBXE were able to claim the final podium spot, being slowed by damage on the military base circuit. 

In the Semi-finals Andretti United were eliminated after being penalised for contact at the start. They cut across the pack, first making contact with Chip Gnassi then hitting into Team X44. It broke the suspension and the team stopped immediately. Timmy Hansen stopped further round the lap but were penalised for the incident and dropped to last place.

Acciona Sainz suffered a power steering issue in semi-final 2 which gave RXR and ABT Cupra an easy run into the final. 

The final transfer spot was won by JBXE thanks to winning the crazy race. Veloce rolled their car, Stéphane Sarrazin hitting a bump and launching the car skyward. He was able to exit the car but his day was over. Xite Energy had retired just moments early with steering failure on the rough Sardinia course. 

Johan Kristofferson and Molly Taylor now lead the standings for Rosberg X Racing. The final round will take place in Dorset as the Jurassic X-Prix on the weekend before Christmas.

Feature Image Credit: Extreme E

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