Moto2: Vietti takes pole

Credit: Celestino Vietti

Change in script, rookies and a dramatic Q2 session!

With our first Moto2 qualifying session of the season, let’s take a look at the rules before we continue.

The top 10 riders with the best times from FP1-FP3 will go straight into Q2, where they can battle for Pole Position. The rest of the riders need to go through Q1 to try and make their way into Q2. The four fastest riders in Q1 will go into Q2.

Now let’s get start on the Moto2 drama!

Some of the ‘bigger’ names in the Q1 session are Albert Arenas, Bo Bendsneyder, Romano Fenati, Nicollo Antonelli.

Rookie Jeremy Alcoba, who had early success in last season Moto3 season, but fell off, is also in Q1. He is known for being quite aggressive, but Moto2 is a pretty tricky class to be in. It’ll be interesting to see how he does.

As the first times come through, Bendsneyder, Lorenzo Della Porta, Marco Ramirez and Simone Corsi are in the top four positions.

It’s a fairly slow qualifying session, but drama in Moto2 is at the highest point during the race.

With riders taking their final go around the track, they remain cautious of the green paint. Race Direction has made sure that all riders who touch the green have their laps cancelled, and no one wants that for their final lap. The riders headed to Q2 are: Arenas, Aldegeur, Bendnseyder and Baltus.

Time for Q2!

We can’t talk about Q2 without talking about Pedro Acosta. Rookie in 2021 for Moto3, the Moto2 rookie of today is going to do great things. But is it a World Championship? It’s important to note that only Dani Pedrosa won both the Moto3 and Moto2 World Championships on his first try. Acosta will do great things. He just needs to show it.

The KTM team of 2022 is completely different and new from 2021. Remy Gardner and Raul Fernandez both moved up for MotoGP, so Fernandez and Acosta have a lot to live up to.

The riders head out to start the last qualifying session with less urgency than before.

The top times with 8 minutes to go is Salec, Beaubier and Arbolino.

There is a yellow flag waving in sector two, and it turns out that Somkiat Chantra had an awkward crash out at turn 5.

With four minutes left, the yellow flag has gone out for ALL sectors. The number 51 of Pedro Acosta has crashed out- but why are all sectors under a yellow flag? There is no answer as the Yellow Flag gets taken away, but the racing continues with slightly less than 3 minutes left.

None of the KTM riders are in the top positions, but another flag is out at sector one with less than enough time for another lap. It was Marcel Schrotter- who had a long crash that rolled him through the gravel.

Pole position goes to Vietti, a shocker after Lowes’ time gets cancelled.

What a qualifying session- who knows what will happen tomorrow?

Tune in to find out!

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