Moto2- Vietti takes the win in Qatar

Credit: Celestino Vietti Instagram

Consistency leads to an amazing win for Vietti!

Celestino Vietti is in pole, followed by the Marc VDS Team of Sam Lowes and Tony Arbolino. This is going to be an interesting race, especially after Lowes was denied pole position.

Vietti gets away well, claiming the holeshot as Arbolino and Aaron Canet sit behind him. Air Ogura follows Canet and the new KTM rider Augusto Fernandez is in 5th place.

One of the riders that had a horrible getaway from the start line was Pedro Acosta. He was shoved wide by Jake Dixon and is now placed down in 22nd.

Filip Salec crashes out of a major highside and was knocked out cold, as he was immobile when he stopped crashing. Let’s hope he is okay. It looks like he landed on his head during his highside, but about a minute later, he did regain consciousness.

The Americans of Cameron Beaubier and Joe Roberts are battling it out for 7th place, a much better position then we’ve seen them in recent seasons.

It’s overall a slower race, with the riders showing a lot of positive consistency.

Ai Ogura surprises everyone when he not only picks of Fernandez, but also Arbolino.

With 13 laps to go, Vietti and Canet are nice and comfortanble in 1st and 2nd.

It still has yet to change when the laps continue to tick down. The most battle we’re getting is from Ogura and Fernandez.

With 6 laps to go, Ogura has overtaken Fernandez and Ogura!

Pedro Acosta has made his way up to 13th place, which is far from the success of his predecessors. Moto2 is quite the jump from Moto3, so it’s safe to say that he might need some time.

The race has a uneventful ending and Vietti wins, followed by Canet and Sam Lowes.

While the race was slightly slow and uneventful, Moto2 is never boring. Who is going to take the Moto2 World Championship?

Tune in next week to read out coverage!

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