FIA Formula 3: Barcelona In-season test Day 1 reports

Feature Image Credit: MP Motorsport Instagram

The FIA Formula 3 championship is back for its last in-season test in Barcelona, just five days before the second round of the season in Imola, as Matteo Nannini and David Schumacher joined the two days of testing under the sunny weather.

Morning session: 

Unlike the previous in-season test where PREMA Racing dominated the whole weekend in Jerez, the top five was exclusively made for the ART Grand Prix and Trident pairings as Grégoire Saucy top the morning session fastest with a 1:32.247 ahead of Van Amersfoort Racing’s Franco Colapinto in second.

Saucy was only 0.155s faster than Colapinto. While his teammate, Victor Martins, completed the three-hour session in the third-fastest with the Trident duo, Zane Maloney and Roman Stanek, rounded out the top five in fourth and fifth fastest.

MP Motorsport rookie Kush Maini impressively made it to sixth fastest for the first time, ahead of fellow rookies William Alatalo in seventh for Jenzer Motorsport and Campos Racing’s David Vidales.

Alexander Smolyar finished as the second MP Motorsport driver as Matteo Nannini ended the session in tenth fastest in the last ART Grand Prix car.

Afternoon session:

MP Motorsport showed great potential in the afternoon session of Day 1, with all of their drivers inside the top 5, as Alexander Smolyar took the lead from his teammate, Caio Collet, with a 1:33.342, knocking the Brazillian driver to second.

Roman Stanek finished third fastest for Trident ahead of the last MP Motorsport driver Kush Maini, who improved on his best time as he entered the top five with ART’s Gregoire Saucy in fifth.

The rookie sensation Isack Hadjar was sixth fastest for Hitech Grand Prix ahead of both PREMA Racing drivers, Arthur Leclerc and Jak Crawford, in seventh and eighth fastest, respectively.

Trident’s debutant Oliver Rasmussen was in PREMA’s sandwich in ninth as Oliver Bearman ended the session in tenth fastest.

The second day of the Barcelona in-season test will start at 9 AM local times on Saturday.

Morning session results:

1 Grégoire Saucy 1:32.247 ART Grand Prix
2 Franco Colapinto 1:32.402 Van Amersfoort Racing
3 Victor Martins 1:32.491 ART Grand Prix
4 Zane Maloney 1:32.643 Trident
5 Roman Stanek 1:32.678 Trident
6 Kush Maini 1:32.710 MP Motorsport
7 William Alatalo 1:32.759 Jenzer Motorsport
8 David Vidales 1:32.882 Campos Racing
9 Alexander Smolyar 1:32.894 MP Motorsport
10 Matteo Nannini 1:32.896 ART Grand Prix
11 Oliver Rasmussen 1:33.027 Trident
12 Kaylen Frederick 1:33.062 Hitech Grand Prix
13 Oliver Bearman 1:33.083 PREMA Racing
14 Arthur Leclerc 1:33.090 PREMA Racing
15 Caio Collet 1:33.188 MP Motorsport
16 Rafael Villagómez 1:33.226 Van Amersfoort Racing
17 Isack Hadjar 1:33.357 Hitech Grand Prix
18 Hunter Yeany 1:33.365 Campos Racing
19 Federico Malvestiti 1:33.385 Jenzer Motorsport
20 Jak Crawford 1:33.454 PREMA Racing
21 Brad Benavides 1:33.642 Carlin
22 Francesco Pizzi 1:33.746 Charouz Racing System
23 Josep María Martí 1:33.758 Campos Racing
24 Reece Ushijima 1:33.819 Van Amersfoort Racing
25 Zak O’Sullivan 1:33.823 Carlin
26 Enzo Trulli 1:33.871 Carlin
27 Ido Cohen 1:34.226 Jenzer Motorsport
28 Nazim Azman 1:34.350 Hitech Grand Prix
29 László Tóth 1:35.612 Charouz Racing System
30 David Schumacher 1:35.709 Charouz Racing System


Afternoon session results:

1 Alexander Smolyar 1:33.342 MP Motorsport
2 Caio Collet 1:33.639 MP Motorsport
3 Roman Stanek 1:33.642 Trident
4 Kush Maini 1:33.918 MP Motorsport
5 Grégoire Saucy 1:33.995 ART Grand Prix
6 Isack Hadjar 1:34.050 Hitech Grand Prix
7 Arthur Leclerc 1:34.067 PREMA Racing
8 Jak Crawford 1:34.188 PREMA Racing
9 Oliver Rasmussen 1:34.276 Trident
10 Oliver Bearman 1:34.314 PREMA Racing
11 Victor Martins 1:34.375 ART Grand Prix
12 Zak O’Sullivan 1:34.389 Carlin
13 Kaylen Frederick 1:34.508 Hitech Grand Prix
14 Josep María Martí 1:34.527 Campos Racing
15 Matteo Nannini 1:34.581 ART Grand Prix
16 Rafael Villagómez 1:34.581 Van Amersfoort Racing
17 David Vidales 1:34.605 Campos Racing
18 David Schumacher 1:34.649 Charouz Racing System
19 Francesco Pizzi 1:34.671 Charouz Racing System
20 Federico Malvestiti 1:34.761 Jenzer Motorsport
21 Zane Maloney 1:34.786 Trident
22 William Alatalo 1:34.807 Jenzer Motorsport
23 Brad Benavides 1:34.898 Carlin
24 Enzo Trulli 1:34.928 Carlin
25 Hunter Yeany 1:35.259 Campos Racing
26 Ido Cohen 1:35.343 Jenzer Motorsport
27 Reece Ushijima 1:35.537 Van Amersfoort Racing
28 László Tóth 1:35.884 Charouz Racing System
29 Nazim Azman 1:35.888 Hitech Grand Prix
30 Franco Colapinto 1:36.623 Van Amersfoort Racing
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