FIA Formula 3: Barcelona In-season test Day 2 reports

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On the final day of the FIA Formula 3 Barcelona in-season testing, MP Motorsport second-year driver Caio Collet set the quickest time overall out of all sessions from the weekend, breaking the barrier into a 1m 31s. At the same time, Jenzer Motorsport’s William Alatalo displayed the second quickest time with a 1:34.488 in the afternoon session.

Morning session:

After getting beaten to second by his teammate, Alexander Smolyar, in the first-afternoon session, MP Motorsport’s Caio Collet set a quicker time than Smolyar with an impressive 1:31.507 this time.

Van Amersfoort Racing’s Franco Colapinto made it to the top three for the second time this weekend as the Sprint Race winner Isack Hadjar in fourth fastest for Hitech Grand Prix, ahead of Trident’s Roman Stanek who became the only driver to complete three sessions in the top five.

ART Grand Prix’s Gregoire Saucy completed the session in sixth fastest, ahead of The remaining Trident drivers, Oliver Rasmussen and Zane Maloney, in seventh and eighth fastest, individually.

The test driver Matteo Nannini was ninth fastest in the second ART Grand Prix car, ahead of the only PREMA Racing driver inside the top 10, Arthur Leclerc.

Afternoon Session:

Jenzer Motorsport’s William Alatalo sealed the fastest time in the final session of the in-season testing for the very first time, beating Campos Racing’s Josep María Martí in second.

PREMA Racing’s Arthur Leclerc finished third fastest, ahead of Van Amersfoort Racing’s Rafael Villagomez, who led most of the session as Leclerc’s teammate Oliver Bearman rounded out the top five.

David Schumacher was in the sixth fastest for Charouz Racing System as he replaced Ayrton Simmons for the test, ahead of the Jenzer Motorsport duo, Frederico Malvestiti and Ido Cohen, in seventh and eighth fastest.

Campos Racing rookie David Vidales finished in ninth fastest, as Jak Crawford ended the session in tenth fastest in the last PREMA Racing car.

The FIA Formula 3 will be back on the 22nd of April for the second round of the season in Imola.

Morning session results:

1 Caio Collet 1:31.507 MP Motorsport
2 Alexander Smolyar 1:31.824 MP Motorsport
3 Franco Colapinto 1:31.848 Van Amersfoort Racing
4 Isack Hadjar 1:31.855 Hitech Grand Prix
5 Roman Stanek 1:31.935 Trident
6 Grégoire Saucy 1:32.002 ART Grand Prix
7 Oliver Rasmussen 1:32.080 Trident
8 Zane Maloney 1:32.107 Trident
9 Matteo Nannini 1:32.177 ART Grand Prix
10 Arthur Leclerc 1:32.206 PREMA Racing
11 Kush Maini 1:32.223 MP Motorsport
12 Josep María Martí 1:32.380 Campos Racing
13 Jak Crawford 1:32.412 PREMA Racing
14 Victor Martins 1:32.422 ART Grand Prix
15 David Vidales 1:32.433 Campos Racing
16 Hunter Yeany 1:32.549 Campos Racing
17 Kaylen Frederick 1:32.550 Hitech Grand Prix
18 Reece Ushijima 1:32.555 Van Amersfoort Racing
19 Oliver Bearman 1:32.561 PREMA Racing
20 Rafael Villagómez 1:32.669 Van Amersfoort Racing
21 William Alatalo 1:32.847 Jenzer Motorsport
22 Francesco Pizzi 1:32.851 Charouz Racing System
23 Zak O’Sullivan 1:32.935 Carlin
24 David Schumacher 1:33.001 Charouz Racing System
25 Enzo Trulli 1:33.084 Carlin
26 Nazim Azman 1:33.283 Hitech Grand Prix
27 Federico Malvestiti 1:33.297 Jenzer Motorsport
28 Brad Benavides 1:33.347 Carlin
29 Ido Cohen 1:33.457 Jenzer Motorsport
30 László Tóth 1:34.522 Charouz Racing System

Afternoon session results:

1 William Alatalo 1:34.488 Jenzer Motorsport
2 Josep María Martí 1:34.984 Campos Racing
3 Arthur Leclerc 1:35.027 PREMA Racing
4 Rafael Villagómez 1:35.068 Van Amersfoort Racing
5 Oliver Bearman 1:35.220 PREMA Racing
6 David Schumacher 1:35.242 Charouz Racing System
7 Federico Malvestiti 1:35.290 Jenzer Motorsport
8 Ido Cohen 1:35.307 Jenzer Motorsport
9 David Vidales 1:35.435 Campos Racing
10 Jak Crawford 1:35.455 PREMA Racing
11 Reece Ushijima 1:35.669 Van Amersfoort Racing
12 Kaylen Frederick 1:35.783 Hitech Grand Prix
13 Kush Maini 1:36.195 MP Motorsport
14 Isack Hadjar 1:36.331 Hitech Grand Prix
15 Caio Collet 1:37.032 MP Motorsport
16 Matteo Nannini 1:37.085 ART Grand Prix
17 Roman Stanek 1:37.371 Trident
18 Franco Colapinto 1:37.467 Van Amersfoort Racing
19 Zane Maloney 1:37.556 Trident
20 Grégoire Saucy 1:37.559 ART Grand Prix
21 Francesco Pizzi 1:37.566 Charouz Racing System
22 Enzo Trulli 1:37.699 Carlin
23 Victor Martins 1:37.788 ART Grand Prix
24 Oliver Rasmussen 1:37.804 Trident
25 Hunter Yeany 1:37.959 Campos Racing
26 Zak O’Sullivan 1:38.145 Carlin
27 Nazim Azman 1:38.303 Hitech Grand Prix
28 Brad Benavides 1:38.675 Carlin
29 László Tóth 1:38.809 Charouz Racing System
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