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GB3: The Championship debuts in Zandvoort

Featured Image Credit: @JakobEbrey

For the first time ever, the GB3 championship travelled over to the Netherlands to take on the coastal track of Zandvoort. Supporting the GT World Challenge Europe, the format for the weekend changed slightly with the drivers being challenged to take on qualifying, race 1 and race 2 all on the same day. 

Qualifying results: 

Zandvoort Race 1:

  1. Alex Dunne, Hitech Pulse-Eight, 1m30.197s
  2. McKenzy Cresswell, Elite Motorsport, +0.154s
  3. Nico Christodoulou, Arden VRD, +0.236s
  4. Joseph Loake, JHR Developments, +0.277s
  5. Souta Arao, Hitech Pulse-Eight, +0.445s
  6. Matthew Rees, JHR Developments, +0.467s
  7. James Hedley, Arden VRD, +0.549s
  8. Jarrod Waberski, Fortec Motorsport, +0.628s
  9. Tymek Kucharczyk, Douglas Motorsport, +0.721s
  10. Callum Voisin, Rodin Carlin, +0.768s
  11. Oliver Stewart, Elite Motorsport, +0.873s
  12. Zak Taylor, Chris Dittmann Racing, +0.938s
  13. John Bennett, Rodin Carlin, +1.064s
  14. Max Esterson, Fortec Motorsport, +1.066s
  15. Arthur Rogeon, Chris Dittmann Racing, +1.066s
  16. David Morales, JHR Developments, +1.099s
  17. Edward Pearson, Fortec Motorsport, +1.138s
  18. Costa Toparis, Rodin Carlin, +1.210s
  19. Noah Ping, Arden VRD, +1.297s
  20. Michael Shin, Rodin Carlin, +1.305s
  21. Gerrard Xie, Hillspeed, +1.393s
  22. Jack Sherwood, Chris Dittmann Racing, +1.719s
  23. Daniel Mavlyutov, Hillspeed, +1.755s
  24. Shawn Rashid, Douglas Motorsport, +2.058s
  25. Patrick Heuzenroeder, Elite Motorsport, +2.367s\

Zandvoort Race 2:

  1. McKenzy Cresswell, Elite Motorsport, 1m30.473s
  2. Alex Dunne, Hitech Pulse-Eight, +0.130s
  3. Nico Christodoulou, Arden VRD, +0.242s
  4. James Hedley, Arden VRD, +0.312s
  5. Joseph Loake, JHR Developments, +0.327s
  6. Souta Arao, Hitech Pulse-Eight, +0.327s
  7. Jarrod Waberski, Fortec Motorsport, +0.502s
  8. Tymek Kucharczyk, Douglas Motorsport, +0.528s
  9. Callum Voisin, Rodin Carlin, +0.566s
  10. Oliver Stewart, Elite Motorsport, +0.613s
  11. Matthew Rees, JHR Developments, +0.704s
  12. Zak Taylor, Chris Dittmann Racing, +0.720s
  13. David Morales, JHR Developments, +0.882s
  14. Max Esterson, Fortec Motorsport, +0.893s
  15. Edward Pearson, Fortec Motorsport, +0.895s
  16. John Bennett, Rodin Carlin, +0.919s
  17. Costa Toparis, Rodin Carlin, +0.939s
  18. Noah Ping, Arden VRD, +1.189s
  19. Gerrard Xie, Hillspeed, +1.311s
  20. Arthur Rogeon, Chris Dittmann Racing, +1.405s
  21. Michael Shin, Hitech Pulse-Eight, +1.440s
  22. Jack Sherwood, Chris Dittmann Racing, +1.718s
  23. Daniel Mavlyutov, Hillspeed, +2.132s
  24. Shawn Rashid, Douglas Motorsport, +2.175s
  25. Patrick Heuzenroeder, Elite Motorsport, +2.211s

Race 1 Rundown: 

Drama awaited all of the drivers as soon as the lights went out for the first race of the weekend at Zandvoort. Hedley’s car was damaged down the main straight, bringing the safety car out with Dunne keeping P1. 

In the beginning stages of the race, the grid kept their positions with a surprise pit stop coming from Pearson on lap 5. On the same lap, Voisin took advantage of the banking to keep P7 with Dunne stretching his lead to over 3 seconds. 

Starting lap 12, Loarke was a mere 0.528s behind Christodoulou and made a move stick as he started the last lap. As Dunne crossed the finish line first, he was an incredible six seconds clear from Cresswell P2. Loarke rounded off the first podium ceremony in Zandvoort. 

Image credit: @JakobEbrey

Race 2 Rundown:

Onto the second race of the day at Zandvoort and the driver’s third session of the day, Dunne swept past Cresswell to take P1. However, the drivers would once again see the back of the safety car after Sherwood’s stop on track prompting its return. 

This race also played a huge part in the championship. With just 5 points between Voisin and Loarke, it was essential both drivers had a good race. Neither one of them was backing down after the safety car went back in. The drivers were wheel to wheel by the third corner with Loarke just slightly ahead. Rees saw this battle and wanted to get a slice of it for himself and was helped by Voisin to bring the three cars closer together. However, by lap 10, Voisin found a way past Loarke on the banking.

For the second time that day, Dunne stood on the top place of the podium after dominating Zandvoort. He was joined by Cresswell in P2 and Christodoulou in P3. 

With just 7 points covering the top 3 in the championship, all eyes were on these young drivers to see what they could do the following day in the reverse grid race. 

Image credit: @JakobEbrey

Race 3 Rundown:

In true Dutch style, the heavens opened and rain poured down on the circuit for the final race of the weekend at Zandvoort. Heuzenroeder was leading the pack off the line and had a great getaway. Unfortunately, the race didn’t last for long once the lights went out as turn three was met by Xie and Hedley bringing out the safety car for the first time in that session. Pearson was the next car to retire after stopping on track.

As soon as the flags turned to green, Heuzenroeder and Sherwood collided again at turn three, bringing the Saftey Car back out. 

Due to a shorter race because of red flag delays in previous sessions and two collisions, the race finished under safety car at Zandvoort with Mavlyutov crossing the line first ahead of Ping and Rogeon. Voisin critically gained points over his championship competitors and increased his lead. 


Image credit: @JakobEbrey

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