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Rivett leads Clio Cup championship after Donington weekend

Paul Rivett’s 100th podium result in the Renault UK Clio Cup at Donington Park puts him in the lead of the 2016 championship. Ant Whorton-Eales took both wins at Donington Park, but an appeal from Rivett saw the JamSport driver excluded from the second race and Rivett take the race win.

Race One

Whorton-Eales lost places at the start of the race, falling behind Lee Pattison and Rivett, but he fought back, with all three drivers running side by side at one point.

a80f069d-365d-4af3-bb73-55e8ee81a95dRivett came out on top at the start of the race but Whorton-Eales showed expert driving to push for the lead of the race, putting pressure onto Rivett and eventually getting past through Coppice Corner.

There was no chance to relax for Whorton-Eales, as Max Coates and Mike Bushell closed in behind the top three. The battle was cut short, though, when Senna Proctor’s car rolled at the Old Hairpin, cutting the race short.

“That was extremely hard work,” said Whorton-Eales after the win. “It’s always easier around here when you have a car in front of you because of the slipstream they give you. When you are in front it’s a lot harder and if the race had gone into its final laps I think Pattison and Rivett would have been all over me.”

Full results below.

Race Two

Whorton-Eales crossed the finish line in first after the second race of the weekend, but an appeal saw Rivett crowned the race winner ahead of Ladell and Paul Streather.

RivettPattison and Whorton-Eales swapped places back and forth on the opening lap, but Pattison soon had to defend his second places against Rivett and Charles Ladell. The battle ended with Pattison and Ladell coming together, the former hobbling away from the contact with a broken wheel.

Rivett and Ladell began to close in on Whorton-Eales, but the Jamsport driver clung on to the win until after the race, when a technical infringement saw him disqualified from the second race.

“I thought for a moment I might be able to lose on Ant and take Charlie with me but Ant put on a bit of a spurt mid-race and he was gone,” Rivett said after the race. “But my 100th podium and the championship lead – and a first podium for Charlie. It’s a mega result for everyone at WDE.”

Rivett’s win puts him thirteen points ahead of Paul Streather in second place.

Results below.


Race One

1 – Ant Whorton-Eales – JamSport Racing – EXC
2 – Lee Pattison – Team Cooksport
3 – Paul Rivett – WDE Motorsport
4 – Max Coates – Ciceley Motorsport
5 – Mike Bushell – Team Pyro
6 – George Jackson – Team Cooksport
7 – Paul Streather – Finesse Motorsport
8 – Daniel Rowbottom – Team Ecomotive
9 – Anton Spires – PP Motorsport
10 – Ollie Pidgley – Ciceley Motorsport
11 – Rory Collingbourne – Team Cooksport
12 – Sam Watkins – 20Ten Racing
13 – Luke Kidsley – JamSport Racing
14 – Darren Johnson – Team Pyro
15 – Graham Field – JamSport Racing
16 – Tom Butler – 20Ten Racing
17 – Craig Milner – 20Ten Racing
18 – Senna Proctor – Team BMR with Pyro – NC
19 – David Dickenson – Team Pyro – DNF
20 – Paul Plant – Vanquish Motorsport – DNF
21 – Josh Price – Team Pyro – DNF
22 – Charles Ladell – WDE Motorsport – DNF
23 – Dan Zelos – Ciceley Motorsport – DNF
24 – Rory Green – WDE Motorsport – DNF

Race Two

1 – Paul Rivett – WDE Motorsport
2 – Charles Ladell – WDE Motorsport
3 – Paul Streather – Finesse Motorsport
4 – Max Coates – Ciceley Motorsport
5 – Mike Bushell – Team Pyro
6 – Daniel Rowbottom – Team Ecomotive
7 – Senna Proctor – Team BMR with Pyro
8 – Josh Price – Team Pyro
9 – Rory Collingbourne – Team Cooksport
10 – Paul Plant – Vanquish Motorsport
11 – Luke Kidsley – JamSport Racing
12 – Tom Butler – 20Ten Racing
13 – George Jackson – Team Cooksport
14 – David Dickenson – Team Pyro
15 – Craig Milner – 20Ten Racing
16 – Graham Field – JamSport Racing
17 – Lee Pattison – Team Cooksport
18 – Darren Johnson – Team Pyro
19 – Anton Spires – PP Motorsport – DNF
20 – Ollie Pidgley – Ciceley Motorsport – DNF
21 – Dan Zelos – Ciceley Motorsport – DNF
22 – Sam Watkins – 20Ten Racing – DNF
23 – Rory Green – WDE Motorsport – DNF
24 – Ant Whorton-Eales – JamSport Racing – EXC

Image Credit: Renault UK Clio Cup Press Office

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