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Fewtrell takes lead of the championship from teammate Florescu

In a crazy weekend at Knockhill, Carlin’s Max Fewtrell takes the lead of the championship after team mate Petru Florescu was excluded from the weekend. Alex Quinn, Luis Leeds, and Zane Goddard all took wins at the Scottish track with Devlin DeFrancesco also taking a podium.

Race One

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Petru Florescu started his weekend off well with a simple win from pole position in the first race. Though two safety car periods threatened to ruin the Romanian’s race, Florescu expertly controlled the race to take his sixth win of the season.

“It was a good race,” Florescu told Overtake Motorsport after the race. “I’m happy because I had a good qualifying in the end and it was start to flag P1.”

Florescu told us that he was looking for podiums in the second race of the weekend and to get more points to extend what was his championship lead.

Behind him, rookie Alex Quinn was defending hard against Florescu’s team mate, DeFrancesco. The Fortec driver managed to cross the line in second, the best he thought he was able to achieve whilst Florescu was ahead.

DeFrancesco’s race hadn’t been easy. The Carlin driver had already overtaken Zane Goddard and Nicolai Kjaergaard on one of the safety car restarts after losing out at the beginning of the race with a slow start. He couldn’t get past Quinn as he chased the Fortec driver in the closing stages of the race, but his third place boosted him to second in the championship.

“It was a very hectic race,” he said. “I made a mistake at the start which is unusual for me, so we need to analyse that, but we had great pace. The car was fantastic.

“We were really pressuring Quinn, but he did a great job to keep me behind. I think we had the pace for second, but it was great to come through from sixth after making the mistake at the start.

“I’m now second in the championship. It was a great job by the team and all my engineers.”

Race Two

Everything would all change in race two, though.

The first race on Sunday was a race for the British Formula 4 Aussies. Luis Leeds started on pole with Jamie Caroline alongside him and Zane Goddard just behind him.

A false start caused Caroline to stutter off of the line, and Goddard was able to get past him at the start of the race and set off to chase after the Red Bull backed Leeds, who’d managed a better start.


Leeds and Goddard sped away from the rest of the field as the drama unfolded behind them. Leeds was able to hold Goddard off and finished half a second ahead of his fellow Australian.

“It was a hectic race really,” Leeds said. “On my side it was pretty good. The team set up really perfect car for me. I was able to get a good start and just keep driving away from Zane and the people behind me. So it looked a little bit boring on my behalf.”

Goddard finished the race second, but actually managed to get two podiums in one race due to what was happening behind him.

“It was a good race,” Goddard told us. “We had strong speed at the start, keeping up with Luis. Luckily, the guys behind us had a bit of a scrap so we could pull away. In the end, we had a few little technical issues with the car which made it a bit slower but I held on to second. I’m happy with that.”

Caroline was given a ten second penalty, which meant, though he finished third on track, the fight for the final step of the podium was happening behind him.

Carlin drivers DeFrancesco and Florescu were fighting for that step of the podium. The Canadian driver was ahead of his team mate, but Florescu didn’t want that to last much longer. DeFrancesco defended hard whilst trying to push past Caroline.

Florescu managed to get up alongside his team mate and a defensive move from DeFrancesco brought the two Carlin drivers together.

Florescu was less than impressed with his team mate and, at the track side, he decided actions spoke louder than words as he tried to explain how unimpressed with his team mate with a punch.

It lead to Florescu being excluded from the weekend, which handed Zane Goddard the race one podium and Quinn the race one win. DeFrancesco was handed a grid penalty for causing the collision.

Overtake Motorsport tried to speak to Florescu after the race, but the Romanian declined to comment.

It wasn’t all bad for Carlin, though, as Max Fewtrell took the final step of the podium as his team mates retired.

“I was happy from eighth to get a podium,” Fewtrell said. “It’s a shame about the team, but you have to be in the right place at the right time. I think I did a good few moves on James [Pull] and Alex Quinn and that was it really.”

Race Three


The final race of the weekend was another race for the Australian racers.

Quinn started the race on pole, with Leeds alongside him, but Goddard managed to get past his fellow Australian at the first corner. He set off to catch up with Quinn, and managed to get past Brit when his tyres locked up at the hairpin.

As Goddard set off into the sun set, Leeds tried to catch up with Quinn. The Australian went to the outside of Quinn at the hairpin later on in the race, before switching to the inside at the last moment. It was a beautiful move, which Leeds claims he learned from fellow Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo.

“Interesting race,” Leeds said. “Or it was at the start. Zane just got a really good start, went round the outside of me at turn one so fair play to him. But from there I had to learn to catch up to Alex and then pulled off a pretty nice move, I thought, so it was a positive weekend.”

“I saw Alex make a mistake and I was originally going to go around the outside, but I thought I would make it look cool and switch to going down the inside. It looks pretty cool on camera, I think.”

Fewtrell finished the race fifth and, with his eighth place in the first race, went to the lead of the championship, now three points ahead of Luis Leeds.

Florescu, who came to Knockhill leading the championship, drops to sixth, twenty five points behind Fewtrell, and will have a lot of work to do in the last three rounds if he’s to regain control of the championship.


Race One

1 Alex QUINN – Fortec
2 Devlin DEFRANCESCO – Carlin
3 Zane GODDARD – Double R
4 Jamie CAROLINE – Fortec
5 Luis LEEDS – TRS Arden
6 James PULL – Carlin
7 Max FEWTRELL – Carlin
8 Jack MARTIN – TRS Arden
9 Ayrton SIMMONS – TRS Arden
10 Nicolai KJAERGAARD – Fortec
11 Alexandra MOHNHAUPT – Falcon Motorsport
12 Frank BIRD – Fortec – DNF
13 Rafael MARTINS – TRS Arden – NC
14 Billy MONGER – JHR Developments – DNF
15 Sennan FIELDING – JHR Developments – DNF
16 Petru FLORESCU – Carlin – EX

Race Two

1 Luis LEEDS – TRS Arden
2 Zane GODDARD – Double R
3 Max FEWTRELL – Carlin
4 Alex QUINN – Fortec
5 James PULL – Carlin
6 Ayrton SIMMONS – TRS Arden
7 Rafael MARTINS – TRS Arden
8 Sennan FIELDING – JHR Developments
9 Billy MONGER – JHR Developments
10 Frank BIRD – Fortec
11 Nicolai KJAERGAARD – Fortec
12 Alexandra MOHNHAUPT – Falcon Motorsport
13 Jamie CAROLINE – Fortec
14 Devlin DEFRANCESCO – Carlin – DNF
15 Jack MARTIN – TRS Arden –DNF
16 Petru FLORESCU – Carlin – EX

Race Three

1 Zane GODDARD – Double R
2 Luis LEEDS – TRS Arden
3 Alex QUINN – Fortec
4 Sennan FIELDING – JHR Developments
5 Max FEWTRELL – Carlin
6 Rafael MARTINS – TRS Arden
7 James PULL – Carlin
8 Jamie CAROLINE – Fortec
9 Devlin DEFRANCESCO – Carlin
10 Nicolai KJAERGAARD – Fortec
11 Jack MARTIN – TRS Arden
12 Ayrton SIMMONS – TRS Arden
13 Billy MONGER – JHR Developments
14 Frank BIRD – Fortec
15 Alexandra MOHNHAUPT – Falcon Motorsport
16 Petru FLORESCU – Carlin – EX


Image Credit: Caroline Rhea

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