Newsham hopeful for 2017 return

Power Maxed Racing’s Dave Newsham is hopefully his Knockhill performance will help him get a seat for the full 2017 season. The Inverness based driver has raced in the series before, but financial problems kept him off of the grid for most of 2016.

Newsham was keen to show off at Knockhill, where he was filling in for PMR’s Kelvin Fletcher. He took the team’s highest finish of the season in his first race, finishing seventh. A fourteenth and eleventh in the second and third races put him ahead of Fletcher in the standings and only eight points behind Hunter Abbot.

Now, he’s hoping the good publicity will help him get sponsors on board for 2017.

“Hopefully, this weekend can act as a bit of a springboard and I’ll be able to return next year,” Newsham told Touring Car Times. “I know the team would like to have me in the car and I’d love to be back as well.”

Newsham said he’s never lost the hunger to compete in the BTCC, but a last push for sponsors before the start of this season didn’t work, and he was left without a drive. The weekend wasn’t just a chance to get back into the car. It was a chance to remind teams what’s on offer and, if he can get the sponsors on board, he’ll be an attractive driver for next season.

“Ideally there will be some sponsors out there who have seen what I can do and want to be involved for 2017,” he said. “We’ll work on a package that we can take to anyone who is interested and will have to see what comes of it.”

Newsham has said he doesn’t want to start work on attracting sponsors until the end of this season, but the performance at Knockhill and the resulting social media buzz means he won’t be forgotten before that starts.

Feature image credit: Caroline Rhea

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1 Comment

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