A Birthday Message From OM

A year ago today Overtake Motorsport went live for the first time, and since then we’ve grown and developed as a site. We got our current Editor and Formula 1 correspondent Amanda Smith to share her thoughts on her first year with us…

The first year of Overtake Motorsport has honestly been one of the best experiences and biggest learning curves for me I’ve ever had. When I took on the role as F1 correspondent I’d never really done reporting before in any capacity. The whole thing was new to me and at times a rather daunting prospect. But with support and assurances from the other five members of the team, I felt ready to tackle reporting. I was actually traveling down through France with my family when the website went live a year ago today. But the second I got to the hotel that night I logged straight onto OM to see what it was like, and there sure enough in digital print was my name next to a 2015 F1 season review. It was at that point it kind of hit me that this was real.

What followed Overtake Motorsport going live for me was a crash course in writing the likes of which I’ve never experience in my life before and probably never will again. When I look at my first report and what I produce now, and the time it takes me to do it, I realise just how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. The year has had many reporting highs and lows. From trying my best to write a report on the McLaren car release after my 21st birthday party the day before (and struggling to spell the word “car” correctly due to the mother of all hangovers I was nursing), to sitting in a bar with a lot of passionate Italians in my McLaren shirt as Vettel’s engine blew up in Bahrain (and quickly deciding that it may have been a mistake to show my support for the enemy team in Tifosi territory.) And spending the Mexican Grand Prix in a dazed and confused state from some godawful flu I’d contracted (I still don’t remember much of that race other than Vettel swearing,) to being made editor of the Overtake in the summer of 2016. I managed to take “glamorous” reporting to the next level for Monaco when I wrote my reports for the weekend from a tent in a field in the middle of nowhere after being hit by a car hours previously. And I looked decidedly un-glamourous crying with my fellow OM correspondents over Jenson Button, Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg and Mark Webber’s retirement announcements this season. From getting up at with the sparrows right through to burning the midnight oil and every time in between It’s truly been an amazing season and one I will not forget anytime soon.

I am lucky beyond my reporting to be a member of Overtake Motorsport. From the first six members, we’ve grown in number to fourteen and we’re still continuing to gain writers and designers as we go along. Were so much more than a site of people though, we’re like some kind of weird but crazy extended family. Something I didn’t realise when I signed up a year ago, was just how much I was going to love every single member of the OM team. It is an honour and a privilege to be working with such an amazing group of people, and I’m lucky to have such a great writing team around me as well. The team has been there for me no matter what, and I know like a real family when the going gets tough, these guys will always be there for me. We’re a team who take the work hard play hard mantra to heart, and at the end of the day once the reporting is done the fun begins. Our group chat is honestly one of the most random places where you’ll find genuine debate about incidents during a race, or theories on the drivers’ market alongside random updates on our lives, some or the weirdest conversations about F1 and other motorsports I’ve ever had in my life, and photos of a demonic baby in a flower crown (and that’s not the most disturbing thing we send one another.) We’ve debate the pros and cons of us having an actual office we’re liable to burn down by accident if it were real, and just proven to ourselves time and again that OM’s offbeat madness is one of the best reasons for staying around.

So with our first birthday on us, I have this to say. Guys it’s been a hell of a ride, and we couldn’t have done this without the support from the viewers of the site. You reading this have genuinely made the early starts, late nights, and madness all worth it. So thank you for your support. And we look forward to going onto doing bigger and better things for our second year.

This is Amanda Smith singing off after a what I can only describe as one of the best years of my life.

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