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Moto3- Fenati Takes Pole After New Lap Record

Feature Image Credit: Romano Fenati

Quiet qualifying sessions give way to Romano Fenati’s pole position and the possibility of many penalties.


After two weeks, we are back to the 2021 Moto3 World Championship. The iconic Silvertone GP is going to bring action and drama. 

Some of the bug names in the Q1 Moto3 session are: Pedro Acosta, Gabriel Rodrigo, Izan Guevara, Sergio Garcia, and Kaito Toba.

The riders instantly head onto the track, the top two men in the championship working to make their way into Q2. It’s important to note that Moto3 is the only level where not making it into Q2 does not mean it is race over. Acosta has had many great wins or top three finishes from back of the grid. 

Now that the championship is heating up and Sergio Garcia has had a few impressive feats, Acosta needs to keep an eye out for him. 

Another rider worth noting is Guevara- another amazing Moto3 rookie. While Q1 for a rookie is no surprise, he does have a great chance of making it into Q2.

With nine minutes left in the session, Filip Salec, Rodrigo, Alberto Surra and Adrian Fernandez. The top guys still have a lot of work to do, Acosta being in 6th and Garcia having not put a time in. 

Remember: the top four riders head into Q2.

The Prustel Racing rider Yamanaka crashes out of the session with minimal damage to his bike. On the other hand, Garcia crashed out on his exit from pitlane. Since he hasn’t put a time in, it could be costly for his plans to make it into Q2 and then for his race. 

Unfortunately, there is something wrong with his bike. 

With three minutes left, Rodrigo, Tatay, Salec and Guevara are the riders heading into Q2. 

Right as the session is about to end, Toba and Kunii crashed out. Tobs crashed out and clattered into the side of Kunii. 

The riders heading into Q2 are Rodrigo, Tatay, Salec and Guevara. 


It’s important to note that after the 2021 season, the Petronas Sprinta team in Moto3 will no longer be in existence. Binder might go to a Honda team, but it’s all up in the air. 

With the two main World Championship men out of Q2, Fenati has everything he needs to claim pole position. 

The riders instantly head out onto the track, but most of the top men decide to cruise on the track. This method usually comes into play when they don’t want to be followed, but with Race Direction constantly reminding them not to, they may get penalties. 

As Fenati heads out, the riders in pit-lane who were waiting for him finally go out. Fenati broke the lap record during the free practice session, so he will definitely be a popular rider to follow.

The session is abnormally quiet, with little action going on. With only four minutes left, the top three riders are Rodrigo, Rossi, and Antonelli.

The best action is Fenati getting upset at the riders for following him, which does not show the best sportsmanship.

Riders who have yet to put in times with only a minute left are: Fenati, Binder, McPhee, Suzuki and Fellon. Will they come through, or is it game over?

And the man in pole is Romano Fenati!

Will he be able to take the win tomorrow, or will there be a surprise winner?
Tune in tomorrow to find out!

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