BTCC Finale: Cook doubles up as Sutton becomes a three-time champion

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Ash Sutton has become a three-time BTCC champion whilst Josh Cook took his fifth win of the 2021 season.

Cook started well but Proctor made a great move around the outside at Paddock Hill which put him just ahead of his teammate going into Druids.

However, Proctor went head on into the wall at Druids after appearing to be tagged by Dan Lloyd in the braking zone.

Proctor’s incident alone would’ve brought out the Safety Car but a multi car crash later in the lap confirmed it.

Tom Chilton and Sam Osbourne collided going into Surtees and the chain reaction saw Tom Oliphant, Adam Morgan and Tom Ingram also getting involved.

The Safety Car appeared to come in early meaning there were huge gaps between the drivers and, more worryingly, there were marshalls on track when the track went live.

Luck was on the side of the circuit and race directors as no one was injured and racing was able to continue.

The mayhem continued with Rory Butcher and Aiden Moffat making contact at Druids and Moffat appeared to have damage as he spun at Graham Hill Bend making contact with Chris Smiley and being hit by Stephen Jelley after having no where to go.

At the front the top six were covered by just under 3 seconds with Ash Sutton in sixth and in position to take the title.

The Safety Car was brought out for the second time after Nic Hamilton spun at Westfield and got stuck in the gravel.

Cook again restarted well, opening a gap to Lloyd and Shedden.

Cook stayed ahead to take his fifth race win of the year and Sutton was able to stay in a comfortable sixth giving him his third title in five years.

Lloyd finished second ahead on Shedden, Turkington and Rowbottom.

Rory Butcher finished seventh, just in front of Tom Chilton.

Stephen Jelley and Jake Hill completed the top 10.

Round 29 Results

  1. Josh Cook                                              30:55.544s
  2. Dan Lloyd                                                   +0.587s
  3. Gordon Shedden                                       +1.432s
  4. Colin Turkington                                       +1.745s
  5. Dan Rowbottom                                        +2.352s
  6. Ash Sutton                                                  +3.169s
  7. Rory Butcher                                              +4.073s
  8. Tom Chilton                                               +4.333s
  9. Stephen Jelley                                            +4.805s
  10. Jake Hill                                                      +5.706s
  11. Jack Goff                                                     +6.809s
  12. Tom Ingram                                               +6.924s
  13. Sam Smelt                                                   +7.358s
  14. Sam Osbourne                                           +7.903s
  15. Carl Boardley                                             +8.533s
  16. Jade Edwards                                           +11.243s
  17. Jack Mitchell                                            +12.094s
  18. Jason Plato                                               +12.246s
  19. Andy Wilmot                                            +15.083s
  20. Aron Taylor-Smith                                  +59.263s
  21. Rick Parfitt                                                       1 Lap
  22. Aiden Moffat                                                    1 Lap
  23. Nic Hamilton                                                    DNF
  24. Chris Smiley                                                      DNF
  25. Andy Neate                                                       DNF
  26. Senna Proctor                                                  DNF
  27. Ollie Jackson                                                    DNF
  28. Tom Oliphant                                                  DNF
  29. Adam Morgan                                                 DNF

Championship Standings

  1. Ash Sutton                            336 Points
  2. Colin Turkington                 306 Points
  3. Josh Cook                             292 Points
  4. Tom Ingram                         285 Points
  5. Jake Hill                                281 Points


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