Moto2- History is Made

Credit: Somkiat Chantra Instagram

Ahead of the race, Pedro Acosta has a long lap penalty. This is because he crashed under a yellow flag. This doesn’t bode well for him, as it is much harder to catch up and make up time in Moto2 than it is in Moto3. It is even worse because the race has been cut down by laps.

As Indonesia is the newest addition to the MotoGP calendar, who is going to set the standard, here?

Our poleman, Jake Dixon, has a fair chance of winning with his time in MotoGP. Following is Augusto Fernandez and Sam Lowes- two riders who had a bit of a dispute at the end of qualifying.

Fernandez gets away well along with Dixon, but it’s Somkiat Chantra who takes the race lead. Sam Lowes has made up one position to sit in 2nds while the poleman is back in 3rd. In 4th place we have Simone Corsi, who made an impressive start while the championship leader Celestino Vietti is in 4th.

The two KTM riders of Acosta and Fernandez are battling their way to the podium battle. Acosta is in 7th, but keep it in mind that he still has yet to take his long lap penalty.

Somkiat Chantra is doing great in 1st place. As a reminder: he missed the Qatar opening of the season due to a fracture in his left pinky. For his first race of the season with pain still in his hand, he is doing exceptional.

With 12 laps to go, right after taking 2nd place, Jake Dixon crashes out of the race. He is soon followed by Simone Corsi- the crash being two separate incidents.

Chantra holds a 1.642 second lead with Aaron Canet in 2nd and Celestino Vietti in 3rd.

As the race continues, the battle for 2nd and 3rd is between Canet and Vietti. Both riders would be happy to get either, but everyone wants to win.

The rest of the race continues at the same pace and placement, With Chantra taking the win and Vietti taking 2nd with Canet in 3rd.

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