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Moto3- Foggia Reclaims his Throne

Credit: Dennis Foggia Instagram

As Indonesia is the newest addition to the MotoGP calendar, who is going to set the standard, here?

Carlos Tatay is in pole position, but Sergio Garcia gets the holeshot and takes the lead. Following Garcia is last weeks race winner Andrea Migno and the Dennis Foggia- but Tatay soon gets ahead of the Leopard Racing rider.

Migno makes his move up to first, looking to make it 2 for 2. No Italian rider in the lightweight class has won back to back races, so history could be make today. The two GASGAS riders of Garcia and Guevara are looking to get a win, or a podium.

Alberta Surra and Ivan Ortola crash out in two separate conditions, most likely due to the heat of the track.

With 21 laps to go, Garcia makes a mistake and ends up on outskirts of the track. He falls down to 7th, but in Moto3, it won’t take much work to make that up.

At the end of lap four, Dennis Foggia has claimed first and starts creating a gap between himself and the man in 2nd, Andrea Migno. It’s very uncommon for riders to sneak away from the pack in Moto3, but after the crazy 2021 season, anything is possible.

Where are the KTM’s? They are holding down 8th-11th positions, showing some potential, but not quite reaching forward.

The team that is making the most headway here is the GASGAS team, who is consistently holding their 2nd-4th positions, depending on those who are around them. Foggia has increased his gap to 2.216 seconds, which is quite unheard of in Moto3. At this point, it looks like it’s a battle for the podium instead of a battle for the win.

Carlos Tatay, the pole man, is given a long lap penalty for taking a shortcut at turn 9.

With 14 laps to go, Izan Guevara is in 2nd place. He is beginning to put time between him and his teammate, Sergio Garcia. Garcia, on the other hand, is dropping down the list faster than we can catch it.

The KTM of Adrien Fernandez  pulls into the pits, needing to retire for reasons that are unknown.

Garcia catches up to Guevara, but can’t seem to make it past him. He can peek up the inside of his younger teammate but there is no way to get past the tight lines of Guevara.

With seven laps to go, not much has changed. It’s an odd thing, to see Moto3 stay mostly the same in order of riders. But, at the end of the lap, Migno ruthlessly pushes through Guevara. This causes him to fall back to 4th before reclaiming 3rd. There was an open door, so while it is not expected for Migno to get a penalty, it is still riding the line.

Quickly, though, Guevara reclaims his 2nd place position.

Somehow, Tatay ends up back at the front to battle on the last lap with Garcia. 2nd has been claimed, so now it’s a battle for the last spot at the podium.

In the end, it’s Foggia, Guevara and Tatay!

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