Catching up with Fittipaldi – Ginetta Junior

We spoke to Enzo Fittipaldi ahead of his first season in Ginetta Junior. Now, after two meetings so far this season, we decided to catch up with him again at Thruxton, where Fittipaldi finished seventeenth and twelfth.


How was qualifying?

It wasn’t so good. We were P18. I couldn’t get a group to drift so we tried our best by ourselves but it didn’t work out.

What do you think you can do in the race tomorrow?

Tomorrow we’re just going to have to make positions because we’re going to be starting in the back, so make as much positions as possible.

Where do you think you can end up?

Hopefully, our goal for the first race is to end up in the top ten. So eleven, thirteenth, or tenth.


How’s the day been for you?

It’s been a decent day. Our first race wasn’t so good. I finished seventeenth, had some contact, went into the second race.

First, when the race started, we went up to eighth or ninth, and there was just some contact, going through complex, and I went all the way back to last. I had to set some positions and I finished twelfth.

What’s your first season been like so far?

It’s been pretty competitive for me so hopefully next race we’ll get a better result.

Learning everything you expected to?

Yeah, learning quite a lot, great tracks and a very competitive championship.

What is there to do before your next meeting?

Just prepare.

Feature Image Credit: Caroline Rhea

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