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Moto3- Fenati Dominates Silverstone

Feature Image Credit: Romano Fenati

A race completely dominated by one rider, the missing Championship riders and only one track limits warning. Moto3 never fails to bring the action.

With a sky clear from rain and the championship at the back of the grid, who will come out on top?

Just as a reminder: in pole position, we have Romano Fenati. He is accompanied by Gabriel Rodrigo and Riccardo Rossi.

The two men leading the World Championship are back on row eight, both Pedro Acosta and Sergio Garcia hoping to make up positions in the opening laps. 

Fenati and Rodrigo both get away well, the Max Racing team rider getting the hole-shot, creating a small lead half way into the first lap. Rodrigo falls to 5th while Niccolo Antonelli and Andrea Migno swoop into podium contention. The only rider who seems to be able to get close is Antonelli.

As for the championship men, Garcia has recovered a bit and sits in 12th place while Acosta is in 15th.

The main battle is happening between the riders 5th-15th. The four men at front have tucked down and gotten to work, but the ten riders behind are desperate for a podium or win.

Unlike the battle for 5th, the riders at the front are content with sitting behind Fenati. For now. It’s a smart move, because battling with Fenati will bring the rest of the riders in contention.

Kaito Toba, who has had a weekend to forget, crashes out of the race on lap 5.

And Andrea Migno, who has had four DNF’s in the past five races, faces mechanic issues and falls from 3rd place.

A rider who is doing quite well is Tatsuki Suzuki. In 5th place, he is battling against Darryn Binder, Dennis Foggia and Izan Guevara.

The main battle of the race is between Garcia and Acosta. Leading the third group, they are swapping paint with one another faster than you can count. It’s clear that the championship rivals do view each other as that: rivals.

With nine laps to go, Fenati and Antonelli are still holding nearly a 4 second lap lead ahead of everyone else. It feels that, unless one of them makes a mistake, the win will go to one of these men. Looking back to 3rd, that seems to be the last position the riders can fight for.

It’s important to note that Acosta has yet to finish out of the top eight. He is currently sitting in 14th, and it doesn’t look like it will get much better for the KTM man.

Another ride doing an impressive job is Foggia. He has been able to hold off riders from taking 3rd through most of the race, Izan Guevara is currently sitting behind him.

On the final lap, nothing has changed. Unless something happens, the top three riders will be Fenati, Antonelli, and Foggia. The Leopard rider is less than a second away from taking Antonelli0 but Guevara overtakes Foggia and may deny him the podium he has had.
Foggia reclaims 3rd! Will he hold it?

He does!

The race winner is Romano Fenati ahead of Antonelli and Foggia.

Fenati has gained 25 crucial world championship points, which could help him gain the upper hand on Garcia.

What will happen next? Will we see another championship crucial race?

Tune in in two weeks to find out!

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